Getting Huge Muscles is not a Matter of Choice – It’s a Matter of Pain, Sweat and Sacrifice

I was surprised that I still get that “I don’t want to get that huge” response by showing pics of Frank Zane. Frank Zane was not a mass monster – he was the epitome of symmetry and shape.

It was one day when my colleague asked me of the best way to work his abs. I recommended that he do some vacuum routines (where you suck in the stomach) and showed him images of Frank Zane doing it.

frank zane vaccum pose

I couldn’t believe the reaction that I got – “I don’t want to be that big . . . blah blah blah. … “. I was left speechless being unable to respond, I mean – That was Frank Zane not Ronnie Coleman!

You see I understand that this reaction is common among beginners given their mental limitations having lived with a subpar physique for so long but one better outgrow this defeatist behavior soon or else even subpar results would be difficult to acquire.

If I would receive this response again in the future this is what I would advice these people:

“Getting huge is not a matter of Choice; it’s a matter of pain, sweat, and sacrifice”

What do these people think anyways? That getting that big is just a matter of choosing to be big? That simply by lifting weights they would become swole that they walk sideways through doors?

Typing “buff” then pressing “enter” key only works on computer games.

In the real word they will NEVER EVER get big muscles without paying sweat equity. In the real word it’s not enough simply to “want” to get big; they need to dedicate themselves 110%! It involves pain and a LOT of sacrifice! Even if you train under the best personal trainer in the world you would never gain a pound of muscle if you are not driven from within and you are not pushing yourself beyond limits and beyond the pain barrier.

Do you think Frank Zane just decided to GET BIG? He SACRIFICED a LOT!!!! Same with the other huge guys that you know or see.

I admit that I’m ranting here, but the reason for that is when people say that line, it’s like saying that they can get big just like that – it’s literally an insult to people who lift weights seriously.  It is an insult to people who are really training to gain muscle because we understand and we know by experience that every pound of muscle that you gain is worth a ton of sacrifice and pain.

So the next time people tell you “I don’t want to get that big”, reassure them that they don’t need to worry because unless they are willing to make sacrifice, pay the sweat equity, and most of all experience the pain required – they will NEVER even get half of the results that serious bodybuilders get.

And likewise – the next time you want to tell yourself “I don’t want to get that huge” at least think twice before you do so. Eat your eggs, people!

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