Gain More Intense Muscle Growth With Omni Contractions

High intensity is a very important element of every workout; one cannot have further growth unless his workouts involve a good amount of intensity. Furthermore intensity is inversely related to the length of workout and we all know that – hopefully. One cannot do two straight hours sessions involving high-intensity unless you want to reach the state of exhaustion.

Therefore what we need to do is involve the “explosive” fibers as much as possible; much like how we do if we are training for vertical jumps- but to be able to reap the greatest amount of muscle gain as possible; one must always bear in mind that he needs to use several high intensity tools into his workouts and not only incorporate them into his regimen but to cycle them and basically utilize a different one each time;  this is where the muscle confusion principle takes place- at least that is what the community knows but that principle for me is just “common sense”. You cannot expect the same things over and over again to stimulate the same adaptation from your body; your body is wise and adaptive therefore you need to shock your muscles into growth had they gone stale.

Today I will show you a technique that will surely SHOCK your sleeping muscles into growth; this technique is like the epinephrine of arrested growth and I would be damned if I will not tell you about this technique.

But please bear in mind that this must be applied sparingly- for example you did this for chest this week- don’t try it again for at least two weeks for the same body part. 

This technique is more popularly known (or IS IT popular at all) as “Omni-contractions”. From the name itself which means that one set is like doing many; the point of Omni contractions is to make the most out of the negative phase of the reps you do.

This technique has been highly popularized by Mike Mentzer; one of my favorite bodybuilders. You will find more gold from his book: Heavy Duty, this is basically where I learned about this technique. Mike’s principles are not always correct- one thing I disagree with is the extremely long rest periods he preached. However the high intensity techniques he shared are TOP OF THE CLASS and his techniques are the real thing. That is why we are including some of them here in this site and as you already know – we only talk about the stuff that work.

mike mentzer

Below is how the Omni contraction works:

Let us take the classic bench press for example.
Note: ladies! I recommend using a smith machine if this is your first time doing this so that you can focus on the form and the intensity you give to each and every contraction.

You do your first 3 regular 8rm sets for flat bench.

In your last set bring your spotter with you (I recommend having two of them).

The negative phases of the reps is where the magic happens; on your way down at least a few inches before the bar reaches half of its way down try to push the weight up again but have your partner resist and prevent you from lifting the weight up producing a strong isometric contraction within the eccentric contraction. That is the first one and after three seconds of this lower the weight slowly once more; then halfway down do it again push hard! After three seconds lower the weight then when the bar reaches just an inch above the bottom of the move (basically the sticking point) do it again push HARD! Three seconds then that’s one rep.

Do as many of these as you can and no; you don’t stop when you can no longer lift the weight up; when you can no longer lift the weight up have you spotters lift the weight up for you and you still do the controlled negative portion and it’s isometric contraction portions. You can call it a set when you are not able to lower the weight in a controlled manner anymore.- and if you are an advanced lifter who wants more intensity you can do drop sets after this failure then repeat until you cannot do anymore reps.

Okay that’s that. You can now do your isolation exercise for that body part then you’re done with that part for the day. You can use this technique with almost any compound moves; in fact this is a nice technique to incorporate with your squats; but as with anything you do in the gym: BE EXTRA CAREFULL and do not be stupid and as much as possible pick a spotter who you can trust and you’re comfortable with. Furthermore I don’t reccomend doing Omni contractions with deadlifts and behind the neck shoulder press.
So see you again guys, don’t forget your eggs!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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