Bodybuilding Workout Splits – Perfect way to Program your Training Days Especially for Office Workers and Employees

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In this video we discuss the most effective way (especially for Office Employees) to program your training days and workout splits. When we plan our splits we usually insert them in a particular days of the week like for instance, Monday for chest day – here we will discuss why this isn’t the best way to plan your sessions. Please watch, and leave a thumbs-up on the video and subscribe.


When we plan our workout days it usually goes like this:


Monday – Chest

Wednesday – Back

Thursday – Arms

Saturday – Legs


This works for some but if I will teach you an alternative which can be more practical for most people – especially those with very busy schedules like employees and office workers – but this is perfect for everyone nonetheless. Let’s face it, what if you missed Saturday? Then come Monday, you will do Chest again…off course! That is what is supposed to be done on Monday! But you missed Legs for that certain cycle forever!


Enter Cycle Day Approach:


I call this cycle day approach because instead of planning your workouts with respect to the day of the week they should fall, you simply have to do your splits in terms of Day 1, Day 2, etc and it will not matter which day of the week they would fall; because let’s face it – the body doesn’t really work in a week by week basis! You body doesn’t care if you did chest on Monday or Tuesday or whenever you do it! It only cares that it is already recovered when you train the bodypart again.


So in this approach, your regimen would look like this:


Day 1 – chest

Day 2 – Back

Day 3 – Arms

Day 4 – Legs


You see, its a very simple change of mindset, but the implications are tremendous! With this you detach yourself from the restrictions and inconveniences that the old way of programming gives. What you need to plan instead are the minimum number of days you should recover.


This is more effective for 2 main reasons:


  1. Recovery – If you use the traditional Day of the week approach, it is possible that you hit the muscle group again and you’re not yet recovered. This way you can plan on getting 1-2 days recovery and your workouts would not need to necessarily fall on a certain day of the week. this gives you that peace of mind – and besides; you need to see your workout sessions the way your body sees it – in a cyclical manner! It doesn’t matter if you hit back on a Tuesday…what’s important is that you did it WITHIN the training cycle and you allowed your body ample of time to recover. And if you are a kind of person who has a great recovery ability, you can even do the next day sooner and end up doing two cycles in one week (considering that your have less than 4 cycle days in your plan off course..)
  2. Flexibility – this is specially true for office workers. We know that 12 hours in a day is usually taken by work, travel time and preparing for work (lucky you if you don’t have to commute or travel). Programming your workout splits in cycle days will relieve you of having to worry about when you miss a session – and you will! I take it from experience! Mental stress brought about by a menial desk job is worse than physical labor especially if you’re dealing with things that you hate on a daily basis!


I do not say that its okay to miss a lot of sessions. The point of this is to try to do the splits as often as you can with as little day off in between (without sacrificing recovery – and mental recovery -which employees need more of)

This split only makes it more practical and balanced since your body and its recovery doesn’t work on week of day basis either and with each his own so this split will be very flexible no matter what your recovery ability is – or how your schedules will turn out to be..


Tip: For employees or for those with busy schedules it would be better to limit your training days to 3 days or less. Its also a great idea to incorporate a semi-whole body split too – that way you can train the whole body in a cycle and only have 2 days to worry about. This way you can even train each body part more often as you can repeat the cycle earlier. And do not skip a Cycle day. If you happen to lay off, just do the Day you are supposed to take next in line. I swear you will still experience gains,,or EVEN BETTER since you will give your body ample of time to recover even if you aren’t really training that often.

What do you think? Are you an employee? What kind of split do you use? Share them in the comments below or in the video itself. Leave a Thumbs-up and subscribe. Eat your eggs, A-lifters!!

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