Don’T go Running (or Jogging) Around the Gym – Or I’ll Throw you a Dumbbell

Don’t go running or jogging around the weight room- it’s just plain stupid. Even my buddy, Jigzon who doesn’t really know much about lifting knows that it’s stupid and nonsensical.

I told you earlier that our new office had a small weight room with a set of dumbbells reaching only up to 50 pounds and two thread mills that I don’t really care about (but they are of great quality nonetheless). You see this weight room is only separated by a glass wall to the outside where we usually smoke during break time after eating lunch. When you are inside you will only see your reflection from the glass wall since the weight room is lighted and the outside, usually not so much – thus it gets kind of like a one way mirror and since it is darker outside you will be able to see everything on the inside.

One day after lunch the three of us: me, Jigz, and Arturo – a huge weightlifter; we we’re having some smoke outside and there was this guy (I think he’s on his late thirties and he looks like he has never touched a weight his entire life) all dressed up in the weight room for action. He was jogging back and forth. Art and Jigz laughed and the guys said that it would be nice to throw some dumbbells to this idiot while he’s jogging like crazy.

There was another person in the weight room and she’s running on the treadmill. Honestly she looked more respectable and what she’s doing makes even more sense. If you are a beginner most likely you are also thinking of doing weird stuff like this one and probably you won’t how stupid it is – and I am glad that I am here to tell you that IT IS!

If you want to do cardio, you will be better served by lifting weights with compound moves – doing lots of squats and deadlifts or better yet applying super sets and giant sets.

If after your workout using those mentioned above and you are not even panting like you ran ten miles, you are either very conditioned (which is very unlikely) or you are not challenging yourself enough with your choice of exercises (refer to this list of HIGH QUALITY exercises) or you are using very little poundage for your strength level – if you can do more than 12 reps with a certain weight, the right thing to do is to increase the poundage and chose a heavier weight on your next set.

TAKE NOTE that it is DANGEROUS to run around the weight room. Not only will you make yourself look like an idiot who obviously knows nothing about what he’s doing – but you will also run the risk of bumping into other lifters (and disturb their training) and God forbid tripping over something and have a rack full of plates fall on your head. Please spare yourself, your insurance company and your gym owner the trouble, ok?

Or I’ll have this guy Throw that thing on your face while you’re running around the weight room:

throw weights to stupid


And if you really feel like running, do it on the treadmill or most preferably OUTSIDE and do some high intensity interval sprints which is scientifically proven to be the most effective method of running in terms of losing weight an stimulating testosterone production (leading to muscle growth) instead of doing marathons and doing low intensity jogs for an extended period of time (which most recreational “Fun runners” really don’t take seriously – and these are the people who need it).

So guys I don’t want to see any About Lifting elite reader running back and forth around a weight room. If I see you I will throw you a dumbbell. Be advised! Eat your eggs people!

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2 thoughts on “Don’T go Running (or Jogging) Around the Gym – Or I’ll Throw you a Dumbbell

  1. haha i fantasize his image in my mind and it is kinda funny. But have you ever thinked that the reason you laughed at him was not the 100% the fact that he was running at the weight room. If there was a ripped beast running like him it wouldn’t be so funny. Because he would be a beast.A beast maybe would never do that but i am just saying.
    I was his overall image that made you laugh at him and not only his uncommon approach for warming up.

    1. LMAO

      Well I guess yes!

      it would not be funny if a Colemani’sh guy runs around..

      But you know what?

      Way back in our Taekwondo days, we trained in a gym, there was this guy who was SOOO HUUUUUGEEE!!!

      He was a BEAST!!

      He watched us warming up doing splits. He said
      “I can do that too”



      for some reason…..its funny LOL

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