Do Gay Men Have Lower Testosterone Levels

A curious gay fellow asked me through the comments section whether or not his condition would automatically indicate that his T levels should be lower. Here’s the link and below is the original comment:

I am a homosexual man who likes to work out. Is the fact that I am gay mean I have less testosterone then a straight man? I have heard that from guys in the gym, but I think they are just saying that because they are homophobic.

And my response to him:

There are many reasons why a person would turn out to become homosexual.
Anways you would be surpised to know that as a fact – men today have around 60% LESS T level than 60 years ago. Guess what, they are still straight. That drop in T levels in the populace is due to the poisonous foods and polution.

Let’s go back to the gay thing.

Your being homosexual might just be caused by environmental (or developed) causes and also biological but biological doesn’t always mean that it has something to do with T levels. Like what I said most straight guys these days also suffer from low T levels and for you you might as well have yours checked if you are experiencing low T symptoms like low energy levels, or even if you are only curious you muight as well have you levels checked just like what any guy would do.
It is indeed your responsibility to keep an eye of your levels as a “Male” even if you’re gay,
Eat your eggs, sis

You see, this is a very interesting question. Each and every one of us lifters is basically concerned with our T levels since we know that our testosterone levels have a direct big time effect on our progress inb the gym. But what interests me is the overwhelming concern of this gay fellow which lead me now to write a post dedicated to answering that question.

What intrigues me is why Randy is very concerned with his T levels. If it is true that he indeed has lower T, then so what? Being a gay person I assume that he doesn’t really want to achieve freakish muscle mass or full, manly muscular development. I would assume that like girls, Randy would just love to lift to “get fit” or trim down which would also be achievable even with lower than normal T levels. But I am also aware that there are gay men who also wish to be brutus-big like “Bear” from American pie. So whatever the reason is I wish Randy good luck with their lifting goals.

erik allan krammer as big bear american pie

You see, my position hasn’t changed. I say “gayness” does not mean automatically that one would have lower testosterone levels. To tell you the truth, testosterone levels world-wide has been dropping at the rate of 1 percent per year – ALL THESE YEARS!

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself:

A new study has found a “substantial” drop in U.S. men’s testosterone levels since the 1980s, but the reasons for the decline remain unclear. This trend also does not appear to be related to age.

The average levels of the male hormone dropped by 1 percent a year, Dr. Thomas Travison and colleagues from the New England Research Institutes in Watertown, Massachusetts, found. This means that, for example, a 65-year-old man in 2002 would have testosterone levels 15 percent lower than those of a 65-year-old in 1987. This also means that a greater proportion of men in 2002 would have had below-normal testosterone levels than in 1987.

“The entire population is shifting somewhat downward we think,” Travison told Reuters Health. “We’re counting on other studies to confirm this.”

Travison and his team analyzed data from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, a long-term investigation of aging in about 1,700 Boston-area men. Data from the men were collected for three time intervals: 1987-1989, 1995-1997, and 2002-2004.

All these chemicals and all these “modern” corporate lifestyle that we have going are doing a number on outr health and is the main culprit for the crashing of our men’s T levels over these past decades.

Data concludes that men today basically have abnormally low T levels and basically we have 20% lower testosterone than the guys who are 20 years older than us in this same day 20 years ago.

That is big and as we can see in the data this T level drop applies to ALL MEN, which is regardless of sexual preference and orientation. Being a male living as of today guarantees that you have a lower than normal T levels – which is wrong since basically low levels IS already the norm.

Another thing: Randy’s friends are not homophobes,

This Randy Hart dude seem to think that because his gym mates think that he may have lower T levels because he’s gay that these people are “homophobes” – you know the term these days for “anti-gay” or something like that.

Well I hate to burst your bubble dude, but NO! These dudes are not homophobes, they are “idiots” since they tell Randy that he might have low T but what they don’t know is that they themselves might have low T levels since they are men and they are alive today which almost guarantees that they have low Testosterone levels.

So these guys are not really homophobes, why? Because they are basically indicating that being gay is “biological” and is not a homo’s fault that he (or she) is homo. This is the complete opposite of the “religious” argument that states that it is a gay’s fault that he is gay and that he will burn in the flames of hell if he doesn’t do anything about his “gayness” or repent.

And you see, if you searched Google you would just find that useless debate between the “bio-gayness” and the “choice-gayness” crowd which is pointless since both can be true. There can indeed be some unexplained biological , genetic factors that makes a person predisposed to being a homosexual also on the account of the “gay face” evidences wherein they found the common facial features of gay men. But at the same time there were also some people who became gay because of upbringing or “social” factors growing up. These people mostly end up dating the opposite sex anyways later in life (off course, some don’t).

Honestly I know the argument of the religious side and it refers to a passage in the scripture that states that the existence of homosexuals is a consequence of the people being “idolatrous”. Which to be honest only supports the “bio-gayness” argument since it is stated as a “consequence” which basically implies that gays don’t have a choice – they will be gay because mankind becomes idolatrous. And that is what is happening right now with all these chemicals and this unnatural lifestyle that man leads which is technically “idolatry” is giving rise to all these genetic effects which also lead to others becoming homosexuals regardless of their upbringing or regardless of their “choice”. So why argue against the “bio-gay” crowd? These people need new hobbies like, I don’t know..Vicodin?

All in all I don’t really think that any guys would be homophobic if there is anything, these guys in your gym could be “homo-phillic”. I myself am “pro-gay” because more gay men means less competition on the sexual market. Too bad lesbians exist.

So the bottom line is gay or not gay, it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t affect your testosterone level nor will your testosterone levels affect your sexual preference. Whether you like it or not, gay or not gay you still need healthy testosterone levels for health and having your testosterone levels checked once every few months is the responsible thing to do whether or not you are straight or gay. Eat your eggs, people!

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42 thoughts on “Do Gay Men Have Lower Testosterone Levels

    1. That’s basically the “religious” people’s argument
      kinda stupid since they also agree from the scriptures that being gay is not the gay’s fault,
      you follow?

    1. Me too.
      But some people also call themselves “religious” but are also “stupid” and “hypocrites”.

      You can become religious without the two other qualities – they are not exclusive.

      God speed

    2. Alot of people are only religious cause they fear they will suffer in the afterlife. I’m religious and I believe God wants everybody to be happy and I don’t think God would punish someone for being gay. And to clarify I am straight as an arrow

      1. HAHAHAHHA!!

        Yes! Thanks! Same here! But I wouldn’t mind if you were – just saying.. xD

        For me gays are more like consequences of collective idolatry rather than subject of God’s wrath, they are what I believe to be a result of what God would be angry off..

        You see over population can sometimes trigger a species to collectively produce organisms which are not able to reproduce – there are “gay” animals as well you know? That doesn’t mean that these gay beings are bad off course its just what nature did to them.

        Again for me gay men are an advantage since they lower men’s competition in the sexual market – not because I want to become politically correct – which makes it hard for me to be comfortable with the growing number of lesbians lol when you annalyze things, lesbians seem to be getting hotter tail than straight men more often than not, and the scary thing is unlike in gay men,, when gay men finds a straight guy, the straight guy usually just use the gaymen for money but when lesbians are in relationship with a hot chic – the chic usually really “loves” them.

        1. That argument make no sense. What is defined as “collective idolatry”? And how would anyone know what a god would be angry of if no god has ever been detected to define it? So where exactly does all this information about “what god thinks and does” come from? And with what data is anyone able to determine the number of gods? Is this not the result of human concepts?

          Recent studies have found that families with gay relatives tend to have more offspring than those without. The study seems to suggest that same sex attraction is an outcome of another mechanism that biologically boost fertility rates in maternal lines, as a complementary trait. So it’s tied together in the reproductive process as a way to increase reproductive success. There will always be offspring with same sex attraction as a result of copulation because it is likely a byproduct of another trait essential to reproduction. That would explain why same sex attraction persists. The only species that biologists have not found homosexual behavior in are species that never have sex to reproduce. But its also important to note that bisexuality is common in the animal kingdom. Its more of a rarity that animals are exclusively homosexual or even exclusively heterosexual (and monogamous) since…again..biologists found that there have been no species where homosexual behavior doesn’t occur aside from those that…as stated earlier….don’t have sex. Exclusive homosexuality does occur in the animal kingdom, but its not common. Homosexual behavior isn’t only limited to sex but also courtship, affection, pair bonding, or parenting in mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Which is why many scientists are coming to conclusions that the behavior may also be adaptive—helping animals to get along (homosexual behavior is often used to form strong bond-ships in contrast with animals seeking an exclusive mate), maintain fecundity and protect their young.

          1. I think what they refer to as idolatry is the mere overpopulation and (you’re right about this)..OVERFERTILITY. Via? Simply put like what you said, our situation is not “normal” as far as nature is concerned. The rate at which we reproduce is also not normal. Even people who are not supposed to reproduce under normal circumstances via natural selection procreate. These things contribute to the genetic errors that make up producing homosexual individuals in the long run for the next generation. And yes, its not a choice – homos most likely cannot really CANNOT reproduce or will be disgusted to do a sexual act with the opposite sex. The removal of the stigma is just an icing in the cake – it only makes reduces the chances that a natural gay individual would “try” to live like a hetero like trying to start a family and stuff like that.

            Thanks for you comments btw I enjoy reading them. Keep them comming.

          2. Ironthumb, how does overpopulation equal idolatry when idolatry is usually defined as a physical object as a representation of a god? I don’t think anyone says overpopulation equates a form of a supernatural deity. Nature doesn’t define a rate of “normal reproduction”. That’s, again, a subjective view. There’s no such thing as “people who are not supposed to reproduce under normal circumstances via natural selection”. As long as they have reproductive organs, then reproduction is possible. Genetic errors do not produce homosexuality. And homosexuality is not the product of homosexuals reproducing because its an outcome of heterosexual reproduction. Homosexuality is like an antagonistic or complementary trait. It is formed as a byproduct of another trait typically useful to an organism’s fitness. Therefore you won’t have one without the other. These are things commonly found in sexual selection. Both parents can be straight and still produce offspring with same sex attractions if they carry the fitness trait that may boost fertility rates in maternal lines (making it more easier for females lines to become pregnant more often than other females without the trait…thus a fitness for producing offspring). And to clarify, sexual ATTRACTION is not a choice….but sexual BEHAVIOR can change as can any type of behavior. Gays CAN and HAVE had sex with the opposite sex. This is because sex acts are BEHAVIORS, not attractions. Studies confirmed one can still engage in sex acts even if they have no attraction to that person. A gay male can still orgasm from the physical sensations of the vagina in the same way males can orgasm from any physical sensation produced on the penis. And women don’t have to orgasm from intercourse to become pregnant which is how some lesbians have produced offspring. I hope that explains it better. Sex certainly won’t be as passionate or fulfilling as it would to an individual one is actually attracted to, but sexual attraction isn’t a barrier to either reproduction or engaging in sex acts. Starting a family isn’t something only confined to heterosexuals. When you say gays trying to “live like a hetero”, do you mean having an opposite sex mate? Studies show sexual attraction has no relevance on how well one raises a family. And there are many straights who don’t care to have children nor do they have sex for the purpose of producing offspring.

          3. Indeed it’s wrong by the biological meaning at least but what can you do – the bible is written in the words of men.

            Maybe we as species are getting over our heads? Are we really meant to thrive on a civilization? Is it normal that we are this much populated? Because in the natural state of things we wouldn’t be this populated. Perhaps what the ancients who wrote those words (it wasn’t me who wrote those phrases in the bible just to remind you) pertains to this state as idolatry for we worship many other things that leads to this over population. For one the lust for power and taking over the world is something that it pertains to. It states it as a fact doesn’t mean its a bad thing does it?

            Believe it or not civilization is an idolatrous practice. Raising a civilization is idolatrous and unnatural in the first place. The moment Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden is the moment when humans went out on their own and built their own civilization when they were happier under the care of nature being hunter-gatherers in the symbolism of Garden of Eden.

            And some of our male children shall be gays because we are overpopulated already its natural – and we are overpopulated because humans worship this idea of civilization so much. Well its just a statement of a fact I am impressed that ancient people though of that in their age and wrote them out in such an entertaining way as how it is written in the bible. I am sometimes thinking that these scriptures were like a journal of the ancients of sorts but their style requires it to be written that way.

          4. Ironthumb,
            Sexual attractions are produced on a biological basis. Nature doesn’t define such things as “wrong”. That’s human concepts. We as a species aren’t “meant” for anything since evolution doesn’t establish a blueprint or end goal. You said: ” Because in the natural state of things we wouldn’t be this populated.” We are this populated BECAUSE of the natural state. There’s no other state we exist in. That’s how reproduction functions. What do you mean by “is it normal that we are this much populated?” Nature doesn’t declare what’s “normal”. That’s human thinking. It doesn’t say a population should only be a certain size.

            You also need to point out why it’s significant to be concerned about who wrote any phrase of the bible (in particular since you don’t bring up any other ancient texts) concerning the natural world? The bible is a work of literature. If we want to learn about nature then we look into the fields and data that actually study & observe the natural world. The symbolism of Adam and Eve is absolutely pointless. Why? Well, for starters the human genome proves humans never originated from only two people. That make the story nonsensical from the very beginning as well as any symbolism drawn on that basis. Our own species came about as a population diverging from earlier existing species. We also know the genetic data show no evidence of any human bottleneck as small as two people. We never got below 10,000 individuals at any time in our evolutionary history.

            As one biologist put it clearly: “With the mapping of the human genome, it’s clear that modern humans emerged from other primates as a large population long before the Genesis time frame of a few thousand years ago. And given the genetic variation of people today, to get down to just two ancestors you would have to postulate that there’s been this absolutely astronomical mutation rate that has produced all these new variants in an incredibly short period of time. Those types of mutation rates are just not possible. It would mutate us out of existence.”

            It’s quite clear the biblical writers knew nothing of genetics or our evolutionary ancestry or how nature functions. Civilization is born out of nature and exists WITHIN nature. We haven’t left nature. The earth is part of nature. Civilization is built from things in nature not outside nature. Civilization is likely to emerge as a result of developing forms of intelligence as part of a way of survival with humans being a social species. Without the rise of civilization, we would never have made all the discoveries pertaining to reality to this very day.

            There were offspring that were gay long before your idea of overpopulation. We know even from ancient artifacts that gay people existed long ago when the human global population size was much smaller than it is today. Every species has documented same sex behavior down to the smallest populations. Same sex attractions have nothing to do with population size. I am not impressed at all with the thinking of ancient peoples at that time because it highlighted so much that humans didn’t understand about nature or reality and is still a source of oppression and ignorance today.

          5. Okay

            Let us first try to set aside the symbolisms of the bible (even though they make perfect sense). Your arguments are based on pushing that male sexual attraction towards another male is NOT an anomaly; the only reason for which is being defensive about it since it is a fact, it is NOT normal (nothing against that) and I know because I am hetero and I cannot imagine being naked in one room with another male, in the same light a gay will feel the same being naked on the same room with a woman.

            I think the reason behind your defensiveness to this fact is that you yourself are gay. I respect that fact I don’t mind having an intellectual conversation with a gay since the only difference between us is preference and I owe you because you guys have subtracted a male count to my sexual competition.

            Some people are just born with a programmed distaste for the opposite sex and a taste for the same sex and it isn’t meant to be. What I was proposing is that this is a nature-fueled anomaly as we become over-populated.

            How would you know that there were gays during the times of pre-historic hunter gatherers? I guess there were but we would have scarce data for that, and surely everyone would agree that there would be “less” than what we have today.

            Humanity’s shift to civilization made available for him resources that allowed him to reproduce at greater rate than when he was a hunter-gatherer – but that doesn’t mean that his alimentations are healthier than when he was a hunter-gatherer. Data suggest that civilized diet has caused more percentage of still birth and defects and the new ways of civilization assured faster reproduction and more off springs per male but not necessarily healthier offsprings.

            Nonetheless this “leaving the hunter gatherer” life has caused humanity to boom and off course a very obvious consequence would be the prevalence of non-productive individuals who are too attracted to the same sex to even reproduce.

            Yes being on a civilization is great. Being the over-powering being on the planet is great and being advanced feels good and has its perks. But it is also a curse. It gave us great power but it also cursed us with the conditions in order to keep that. But that’s a topic for another day

    1. what do you mean? Faggot has several meanings:

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  1. You probably didn’t mean it because the tone of this article doesnt seem hateful. But I just have to tell you that what you wrote is incredibly ignorant. You shouldnt assume a gay guy wants to “get fit ” “like a girl” rather than be muscular thats so offensive. You shouldnt stereotype people.

    For example an asian guy posts a question. You then respond assuming hes short, skinny and has a small penis. Those are horrible stereotypes, not facts, so dont include them in your answer. I hope you get where im coming from im not being nasty just informative 🙂

    1. I am not really sure what are you talking about?

      What I am saying here is that because you are gay not necessarily means that you have lower T. If you are gay there should be nothing special with your T levels. You are still subject to the same toxic reduction of T that other men experience nowadays.

      Just to tell you I know many Gay men who have huge physiques. If it is offensive that I stereotype? Well hate me for being honest with my writing. We are not trying to play PC here just to let you know

    2. It’s not only assuming gay guys want something, the whole article has a homiphobic subtext that just screams the author doesn’t know what gay means. Being gay is neither a “condition” nor a choice. It’s as much of both as being black or being American or just being a human is.

  2. Alot of men have lower testosterone today not cause of pollution but because of shitty diets . Alot of guys don’t eat like guys and don’t do manly rhings. That’s why they have low t

    1. Yes, that is true for ALL humans today.

      See the way companies add chemicals to our food? See the way they make ORGANIC naturally raised livestock rare and expensive? While when you go to a third world country you will still see these naturally raised livestock raised from the backyard and sold in LOCAL markets, USA doesn’t have that. See how those countries have HIGHER T levels and lower obesity.

      Yes most men are eating junk today. But that is true for most people

      And for me that abundance of JUNK food is also a form of POLLUTION

  3. Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and
    found that it’s really informative. I am going to watch out for
    brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this
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  4. Did God give a man butthole so another man could hide his weenie up in a very nasty place?
    Have you ever witnessed a male dog,cat, etc. poking another same sex creature up the butt?
    Most cases of HIV/AIDS are because of homosexual men. This is a medical fact.( Mayo Clinic)
    Is it natural for another man to put his penis in the mouth of another man’s mouth?
    Should school children be given the facts about what a homosexual man does to another man and then be asked if they thought it was Gay or disgusting.
    Is it right to say- You cannot legislate morality. So then you legislate immorality.
    Regardless of who or what you believe- “there is a judgemental God. He will not condemn you though. You will condemn yourself when you meet up with Him. You will meet Him one day. This is a proven fact. We all die. Some have died and and came back to tell horror stories of Hell and the peace they felt in Heaven.
    What is sex? It is a behavior. It is caused by the emotion of lust.The emotion is found in all humans. Although a strong desire;lust can be overcame if one desires to do so. I may feel the emotion when I see a good looking woman. People are in prison today because of acting on that feeling. It is called Rape! That is the behavior. The emotion is neither good nor bad. The behavior is what determines our self-control or lack of it. There is mental illness.Then there are emotions that are acted upon and someone says they are different. They are not different.To be homosexual is something someone must choose to be. A lifestyle devoted solely to their own lustful ways and acted upon until it becomes normal for them. It is not normal. It is disgusting ,perverse, and SINFUL! Do what you want to do today and remember there is a day of reckoning.

    1. I respect your opinion and I believe a part of it (except God judging you, since it may be said that God made these people gay as a curse to an idolatric race – look it up in the bible) but here we are not talking about where do Gays put their penis and what they put inside their anus – but if it is true that gays have low testosterone and TLDR: they don’t neither did low testosterone caused their gayness but its something else – its psychological and physically there is something different in their brain’s wiring.

    2. “Have you ever witnessed a male dog,cat, etc. poking another same sex creature up the butt?”
      Yes. Homosexuality occurs all the time in nature. It is common in house pets like cats and dogs. My aunt has a gay dog, it only tries to hump other male dogs.

      “Is it natural for another man to put his penis in the mouth of another man’s mouth?”
      Yes, as natural as any other sexual desire.

      “[Sex] is a behavior. It is caused by the emotion of lust. The emotion is found in all humans.”
      We don’t find in all humans, there are many people who are asexual and experience no lust at all.

      “To be homosexual is something someone must choose to be.”
      Nope, that is not at all how sexuality works. Could you will yourself into being anything but straight? Of course not, the same is true for homosexual people.

      1. Believe it or not, we have a male and a female dog. Sometimes the female dog is seen humping on the male dog! Weird! IDK what is going on are they just playing or what? I don’t know..

    3. Ronny, your comment is extremely ignorant. You do realize that anal or oral sex is not an exclusive gay-only sex act? Heterosexuals engage in the same sex acts and have been since ancient times. Most cases of HIV are spread through heterosexuals with sub-Saharan Africa accounting for almost 70 percent of the global total of new HIV infections because they are taught that using protection is evil and “unnatural” by their religious leaders and many think that sex with a virgin will cure them. THAT is a fact in accord with the World Health Organization.

      Homosexuality is also not simply a behavior, it is also a sexual attraction. So it is much more than just “what a man does to another man”. And you’re calling something a moral dilemma when it isn’t. On what basis do you declare it immoral? Religious morality is itself subjective because it is faith based. What make it useless is there is no evidence to support the assertion. You can only prove a fact with evidence, not faith. The usual test for a statement of fact is verifiability. We also know some ‘have died” and came back and experienced…..nothing. No hell stories, no heaven stories. No torment. A further testament of a phenomenon of the brain since most these people with NDE tend to reflect their own particular belief system and usually have no brain damage or tissue decay. Scientist have also recreated the experiences in a lab. What is sex? It is a behavior. It is the result of sexual attraction….the need to pair with mates. Sexual attraction is not a behavior and often involve biochemical and hormonal reactions. That is found in all animal species, including the human species, because that’s how a species prevent its extinction. By having offspring. Rape is an assault. The behavior of rape is bad because there is documented observable evidence of the negative effects it create on its victim (both physically and mentally). The evidence does not show the same homosexuality which is why it is not a mental illness. It never met the qualifications of a mental illness from the beginning when it was first declared. No scientific study supports that sexual attractions are willfully changeable, dismissing the claim that one chooses it. Sexual attractions aren’t a lifestyle. Sin is a human construct only significant to superstitious beliefs. Normal is also subjective and neither is it synonymous with morality. Monogamy in our species is not normal. Wearing clothes is not normal. Using computers is not normal. Flying in an airplane is not normal. Nearly everything our species does today is not normal in comparison to other species in the animal kingdom or even our ancient ancestors in the past. What is disgusting and perverse is distorting and ignoring reality in favor of a superstitious fantasy that isn’t even supported to begin with!

    4. is it Normal for a man’s penis to be in a woman’s mouth ?
      no it is not.
      Normal for it to be in woman’s butthhole ?
      no it is not.
      Normal to be in woman’s vagina,
      yes but only if they are married.
      IT IS ALSO sinful to have sexual relations with a women unless you are married
      & having sex to have children only.
      You RONNY are a sinner just like a homosexual.
      Most hetereosexual men have premarital relations & do get blow jobs…etc
      with women.

      1. Wow.. I don’t agree with her, but I admire that she used someone else’s argument against him… creative…

      2. “sinner” is a symbolic word. Take that however you like. But wherever you wish to insert your package in a woman its still because of heterosexual attraction. Intensity of the libido makes you do extreme things except being attracted to the same sex (f you were hereto) or being attracted to the opposite sex (if you were homo) – and if you are flexible then GOD BLESS YOU!

        Still ideally a male would be attracted to FUCK a WOMAN and woman a man because that will result in an offspring. Whatever they do in between is caused by that attraction and passion or if they so wish to deliberately delay conception its a personal decision and not an evolutionary consequence.

  5. The author didn’t really answer Randy’s question.
    Here is a quote from an article in The Atlantic called “Homosexuality and Biology”:

    “In 1984 Heino Meyer-Bahlburg, a neurobiologist at Columbia University, analyzed the results of twenty-seven studies undertaken to test the theory [that homosexuals and heterosexuals have different amounts of testosterone and estrogen]. According to Meyer-Bahlburg, a score of the studies in fact showed no difference between the testosterone or estrogen levels of homosexual and heterosexual men. Three studies did show that homosexuals had significantly lower levels of testosterone, but Meyer-Bahlburg believed that two of them were methodologically unsound and that the third was tainted by psychotropic drug use on the part of its subjects. Two studies actually reported higher levels of testosterone in homosexual men than in heterosexual men, and one unhelpfully showed the levels to be higher in bisexuals than in either heterosexuals or homosexuals.”

    This is the best research that we have at the moment, according to everything I found. From this, it is most reasonable to conclude that there is not a significant difference in the testosterone levels of gay and straight men. So if you were worried, Randy, don’t sweat it.

    1. Thanks! Very nice source Cameron!

      But to fair I guess my answer wasn’t that clear but my stand is that There is NO DIFFERENCE in the T levels for gays.

      Clearly there has got to be something biological since it seems like homosexuality rises as a species increases population tremendously like it is some kind of a control mechanism. But whatever that biological factor is we still don’t know for sure.

      1. Well, one thing is clear. It’s not a control mechanism since it hasn’t slowed world population growth. Homosexuality is actually a byproduct of heterosexual reproduction and seem to correlate with boosting fertility rates. If it were a case of evolutionary mechanism to stop overpopulation, then you would see rising patterns of birth infertility and sterility among the general population, not homosexuality. Gays can still reproduce, even when they have no sexual attraction to the opposite sex. There’s nothing wrong with their reproductive organs. They are simply less likely to have offspring due to lack of sexual attraction to the opposite sex or seeking an opposite sex mate. But sexual behavior and sexual attractions are not the same things since studies have confirmed that an individual can sexually behave opposite their actual sexual attractions. Gays have engaged in opposite sex behavior and straights have engaged in same sex behavior, but these are merely changes in sexual behavior, not necessarily sexual attraction. With bisexuals, their sexual behavior reflect their sexual attractions. An example is a pastor who was gay and he told his wife when they met before they married. They both expected marriage would change him as well as their religious belief. He went on to have four children but after 15yrs of marriage they both admitted he still had no sexual attraction to females, including his wife. They both eventually divorced, but it was amicable and he went on to give talks concerning the matter of sexuality and religious faith due to his experience.

        It only seems like there’s an increase because homosexuality is less stigmatized in societies today in light of scientific studies and observations in nature making gays less likely to remain closeted and more likely to come out. Bisexuals, however, are still more stigmatized by both gays and straights and more likely to remain secretive of their double attraction to both sexes.

  6. It’s great you mention T has been dropping for latest generations, however you are educated and experienced in lifting, not psychology.

    So I say to you.

    The reasons why homosexuals are homosexuals is yes, because of environment.
    I’ll also go with mental health, a problem in the fetus! (I you do lifting, I do psychology).

    I’m sick of the politically correct bullshit. Who in the civilised world thinks it’s okay for gay men or bisexual men to shove their sexuality in everyones face? I’m talking about “Hey i’m bisexual, these are my gay friends” … i’m sorry what the fuck does your sexuality has to do with my girlfriend?

    My best friend a few years ago is gay, actually a TV personality, however our long friendship ended because of life. So before any name dropping attention seeking insecure motherf*ckers start with me, just stop. You are mentally ill!

    I’ve studied the history of sexuality in my own personal psychology studies. I am not some moron who learns via years of study in university who is TOLD what to think!

    I admit I couldnt make it through the whole article, but the bits I did read (first half I agree with)

    The fact is you were answering a post from some young insecure baby brought up by poor parenting who didn’t know how to properly behave. I say properly behave, because we are a civilisation for the only reason that we are taught to be such (well most of us anyway).

    We are the thinking animal, which in my eyes, means I can treat those who think less than me (ie stupid by definition of smart) with immunity.

    I do not lack empathy. However homosexuals do lack brains. Even Stephen Fry, who I actually like as an individual for the most part. He isn’t actually that smart.

    If we’re all about improvement, efficiency and so on, then I suggest to everyone stop with the PC bullshit!

    I am fine with whatever people do in their personal lives (as long as it doesn’t negatively affect others), the same applies to what people do in the real world.

    I’ve been called a sociopath many times, you know my response? It’s not my fault you have low self esteem. I have proved my worth over and over, I refuse to entertain these moronis of the world any more.

    So… TL;DR
    Good post, however I think you played it a little too safe.

    1. Thanks for commenting! But I am not a PC guy and every A-lifter who regularly reads know that well. If you have read the whole article your will really get my point. The fact is I hate lesbians more than gays(personally) because they imbalance the sexual market away from MY favor but gays do but in my favor, but that fact has nothing to do with the fact that I have displayed in this article.


      1. You shouldn’t hate lesbians. Females can have hormonal imbalances as well. Men on the other hand are either born gay (female brain part because of birth defect) or can “seem” gay because of low T levels, and possibly higher estrogen levels. I truly believe this, because I’ve had low T levels myself from time to time because of an unhealthy lifestyle and YES, it makes you have “gay” behaviour, but that will NEVER change your sexual nature you were born with. I was disgusted by these feelings and never wanted to act on them. With healthy lifestyle my T levels went back to normal and the “gay” feelings went away. This may explain a share of the high suicidal rates among homosexuals, apart from the homophobia that still exists in many places around our world. In my opinion, there is only one true homosexual, the one that’s born that way and always felt that way. The other type can be changed back to straight through healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.)

        @Ralph: Yes, born gays have a smaller brain part resembling that of a women, that doesn’t mean the rest of it’s brain can’t grow or work the same way as for a straight man. Every human is unique, get over it. 😉

        1. wow thanks! hhahaha that’s a nice theory. Yeah. I do believe that behavioral changes (and maybe even sexual preference changes) would occur when your hormones are wacked. Glad you didn’t act on it. Maybe its what the yogis (or maybe just new-age dudes) say “we have fluid sexuality, learn to accept it”.

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