Proof that Healthy Living is NOT EXPENSIVE – Ergogenic foods are cheaper than fastfood

healthy foods are actually cheaper than junk foods and fast food

healthy foods are actually cheaper than junk foods and fast foodCost isn’t an excuse for eating unhealthy food. This infographic shows even the biggest penny pinchers that eating well is actually pretty affordable!

All it takes is taking a little bit of time and effort to go grocery shopping and putting a meal together in your own kitchen instead of going to the drive-thru.

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Average Daily Food Cost In The U.S.
Milk, regular (0.25 liter): $0.23
Loaf of Fresh White Bread: $125g
Local Cheese (0.10kg): $1.07
Chicken Breasts Boneless, Skinless (0.15kg): $1.32
Banana (.25kg): $0.40
Oranges (0.30kg): $1.21
Onion (0.10kg): $0.26
Rice, white (0.10kg): $0.37
Eggs (2.4): $0.55
Beef Round (0.15kg): $180
Apples (0.30kg): $1.28
Potato (.20kg): $0.52
Tomato (0.20kg): $0.81
Lettuce (0.20 head): $0.32
Daily recommended minimum amount of food per person = $10.76
Eating Out Vs Staying In
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant $12.00
Meal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) $7.00
3 Course Meal For 2, Mid-Range Restaurant: $50
Home Cooked Meal: $3.58

Cost Of Unhealthy Drinks vs Water
Domestic Beer (.5 liter draft)
Imported Beer (.33 liter bottle)
Capuccino (regular): $3.83
Coke/Pepsi (.33 liter bottle): $1.72
Water (.33 liter bottle): $1.38
The Average Cost of A Gym Membership: $38.13

So you see, it’s all about that, it’s not really that expensive to choose the healthier (or at least “less harmful”) versions of foods which will help you in your quest for longevity (longevity of your life and the wallet) and a badass body OR BOTH!!

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