Cold Showers are BAD ASS – Cold Showers VS Hot Showers

sandow loved Ice Bath

Many people may have a negative view of cold showers. Let’s face it; most people avoid them at all costs. Most people have become used to cranking up the hot water and steaming up the bathroom. If for some reason you do take a cold shower, it’s most likely because something happened that was not intentional.

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In ancient times, however, baths were taken in whatever temperature wherever water was available. Over time, we have become spoiled with our need for warm baths and showers. Because of modern technology, all we have to do is turn the knob and we have hot water. We have shied away from cold water because it is uncomfortable, but little do we realize we may be cheating ourselves.

A century ago, Eugene Sandow was already recommending Cold Baths:

sandow loved Ice Bath


Before you get bent out of shape the next time you are forced to take a cold shower, stop and take some of these points regarding the benefits into consideration. These reasons for cold showers are pretty convincing and just may change your mind about your use of hot water in the shower.

If You Want To Burn Fat, Take A Cold Shower.

Regular exposure to cold temperatures will burn white fat that is stored in the body. White fat is the culprit to blame for a less-than-perfect waistline and the other jiggly parts of the body. Consistent cold creates the need for what is referred to as brown fat. Brown fat is what keeps the body warm, and it burns energy and white fat in doing so. When you take a cold shower you are stimulating your body’s brown fat into activating and burning the bad fat to keep your body warm. There is research to prove that individuals living in cold climates actually will lose weight because the brown fat in their body burns up a great deal of energy. These studies have shown that people on average will be able to lose up to nine pounds just because of their exposure to the cold. If you don’t live in a cold climate then the cold shower is the perfect way to harness the benefits of weight loss due to cold temperatures.

Kick the Recovery Process into Gear after a Heavy Workout

If you take a cold shower right after working out you will be able to minimize the amount of soreness associated with an intense physical activity. Taking a cold shower can make the after workout side effects a little more tolerable. Many athletes take this idea to the extreme but you can harness these benefits simply by enduring a cold shower after your workout. Who knows, perhaps it will be a welcome change and feel more refreshing.

A Cold Shower Can Not Only Wake You Up, It Can Give You All Day Energy

If you take a cold shower you will force your body to increase blood flow which in turn increases alertness. If you shower in cold water first thing in the morning you will have energy that will last for the duration of the day. Don’t be afraid to experiment with cold showers because you may find that they are extremely helpful and getting you through your day.

Taking a Cold Shower Can Improve Your Skin and Hair

Cold water closes pores which can prevent clogged pores and also prevents dry skin. Hot water does a good dry of taking the moisture out of your skin so take a cold shower if you have had serious dry skin issues. If you are having issues with acne try taking a cold shower. Coldwater will also keep dirt from entering the pores on your scalp and will close hair cuticle which prevents damage.

We have also stated the benefits of cryo therapy or cold bath therapy in one of our previous posts

Taking a cold shower has a whole host of benefits and should be considered if you have any of the above-mentioned issues. Cold showers may not be your ideal way to get clean, especially if you love your hot showers but you may just change your mind once you experience the health and beauty benefits of skipping the hot water. I have been recommending cold showers for my personal training clients at Krush Fitness and I would say it is a hit or miss. 50% of my clients love cold showers and the other 50% can’t stand it. It’s up to you to try!

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