Mayweather And His Cryo Chamber – Does Cold Water Immersion Therapy really help Post-Exercise Recovery

Follow @AboutLifting What is cold therapy? Could it possibly help post-training recovery? Did it help Floyd Mayweather beat Manny? And most importantly have there been any studies at all conducted that support its effectiveness? So a couple of days ago […]

Squats, Deadlifts and Bench Presses ERGO Lifting Weights Strengthen the Bones – IN 24 WEEKS TIME

Lifting weights have been proven by science to be good for your bones. In a research done in 2011 they found that 24 weeks of lifting weights has significantly increased bone mineral density in healthy young men. Changes in Bone […]

Shoulders Pop When Doing Barbell Shoulder Press – Then Don’t Do it

Have you ever experienced your shoulders crackling or making some popping sound whenever you do barbell military/shoulder presses? That is usually a prelude to rotator cuff disaster. That happened to me – now here’s my story and what I did […]

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