A Peek inside the Mind of Lee Hayward – Our Exclusive andOfficial Interview with Lee

Lee Hayward on ALIFTING

One busy day when I opened my email’s inbox, I really wasn’t expecting it, but Lee responded to our proposal for an interview. I never believed that this well-known bodybuilder is really down-to-earth as to respond as quickly as he […]

Why 200 Pounds can Be Heavier than 300 Pounds – Progress with STRICT Form Before going Heavy

Some people believe that one cannot do any sort of progression without increasing poundage (myself included). This sometimes leads to bad and dangerous form. Although there’s an advantage to hoisting heavier and heavier weight over time – since it will […]

Mayweather And His Cryo Chamber – Does Cold Water Immersion Therapy really help Post-Exercise Recovery

What is cold therapy? Could it possibly help post-training recovery? Did it help Floyd Mayweather beat Manny? And most importantly have there been any studies at all conducted that support its effectiveness? So a couple of days ago I was […]

Don’T go Running (or Jogging) Around the Gym – Or I’ll Throw you a Dumbbell

Don’t go running or jogging around the weight room- it’s just plain stupid. Even my buddy, Jigzon who doesn’t really know much about lifting knows that it’s stupid and nonsensical. I told you earlier that our new office had a small weight […]

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