The 3 Part Training Regimen – A Very Simple Brain Dead Way of Constructing your Lifting Regimen

forward smith squat for glutes and hams

There are ways of properly constructing one’s weight-lifting regimen especially if your goal is building muscle mass. You just have to ensure that you have sufficiently stimulated the target muscle groups – no more (as it may lead to under-recovery […]

A Home Regimen that will get You Pumped up Like You were Chased by a Beast – This is HOW you do H.I.I.E

ushup in between chairs

One curious fellow asked me this question a little while ago: “What is the best work out to be done at home?” Man, I hate that term “work out”! First of all home exercises are great ESPECIALLY if you have […]

Why Don’t We just Squat, Deadlift, and Barbell Press EVERYDAY – The Most LABORIOUS Lifts for LABOR DAY

I’m thinking of doing only Squat, Deadlift, Benchpress and Shoulder press everyday 5 times a week. Is it a good idea? My goal is to increase muscle mass and reduce some fat. Not looking for 6-pack abs! I just want […]

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