The NO SWEAT Workout Regimen – And How to Get by With Just a Few Pairs of Dumbbells

Lately I have been forced to sway from my normal lifting routine into something else that is definitely “no sweat”. First of all, you know I love sweat and you know that I hate corporate gyms for their air-conditioning. I […]

Walk for a Cause – For the Poor MUSCLES Go Walk with Something HEAVY

To be able to make any progress (muscle, fitness and strength gains) a lifter must focus on the big basics (squats, deadlifts, and barbell presses) and work for gradual overload so that his body may adapt to his training. But […]

How to Double your Muscle Growth by Training 45 Minutes or Less

So you want to build muscle? Some lean, mean bass-ass muscle? And you want it fast. How about 45 minutes? You can actually double your muscle gains by lifting for only 45 minutes per workout (or less). So you go […]

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