The NO SWEAT Workout Regimen – And How to Get by With Just a Few Pairs of Dumbbells

Lately I have been forced to sway from my normal lifting routine into something else that is definitely “no sweat”. First of all, you know I love sweat and you know that I hate corporate gyms for their air-conditioning. I […]

Walk for a Cause – For the Poor MUSCLES Go Walk with Something HEAVY

To be able to make any progress (muscle, fitness and strength gains) a lifter must focus on the big basics (squats, deadlifts, and barbell presses) and work for gradual overload so that his body may adapt to his training. But […]

No Wheels, No Guns – Leg Development is Important for Arm Development

We had a post before and answered the question of why the hell other people’s arms just stop growing – or never responded to training to begin with. In this article what we will focus on is the most interesting […]

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