Top Ten Myths About Calories – 7 is my Favorite

fatloss and calorie myth busted

Christopher from Healthlisted sent me an email showing an infographic about some top 10 myths about calories. I checked it out and it’s not bad. I actually liked it – it discusses some of the myths that people throw around about calories and fat burning.

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And without further ado let us give the stage to Chris:

Many myths surround weight loss and it’s difficult to know what’s right from wrong. We tackle the top weight loss myths for success with your weight loss program:

Myth 1: You must be burning loads of calories if you sweat

Truth: There are lots of factors which can affect the amount you sweat such as the weather, your fitness or the clothes you are wearing

Myth 2: Walking a mile or running a mile burns the same calories

Truth: This makes sense as walking a mile takes much longer but running a mile burns roughly twice as many calories
Note: we all know how useless steady state cardio is for fat loss, why not just do some HIIT

Myth 3: You burn more calories exercising on an empty stomach

Truth: Research shows by eating before you exercise can actually have a beneficial calorie burning effect

Myth 4: Several snacks burn more calories than big meals

Truth: By snacking throughout the day you’re stopping your body from burning fat. Three meals taken at 4 hour interval use up energy and burn fat
Note: Snacking is GRAZING and grazing is for COWS

Myth 5: You need a daily workout to lose weight

Truth: No exercise days give your body time to recover and when combined with good sleep encourages weight loss. Exercise no more than 5 days a week.

fatass kid


Myth 6: Some foods can have “Negative Calories”

Truth: No research indicates that food can burn more calories than they create. Chewing and digesting food burns calories but only a tiny amount

Myth 7: (my favorite) Low fat foods mean fewer calories

Truth: Manufacturers often increase sugar content in low fat foods to improve taste. This can lead to more calories than the standard product
Note: fat doesn’t get you fat – too much simple carbs and omega 6 from vegetable oils are the ones that will run havoc to your hormonal system

Myth 8: Cutting carbohydrates burns more calories

Truth: Reducing Carbohydrates can lead to water-weight loss but low carbohydrate diets slow down the metabolic rate

Myth 9: The weight loss plan you choose is a success factor

Truth: it’s the amount of calories you consume which matters. Too many calories simply means you’re going to gain weight!

Myth 10: Organic food has fewer calories

Truth: Organic is about production methods and nothing to do with calories but studies show organic labels can make people think that the food has fewer calories

Note: Organic foods generally have fewer synthetic hormones thus will not harm your body – most of the time people experience weight gain when these artificial hormones mess with the body’s natural processes

fatloss and calorie myth busted

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