10 Breakfast Hacks To Help You Build Muscle



Making a protein-rich breakfast can seem like an impossible feat from afar but in reality, there are a ton of ways for you to incorporate incredible, high-protein foods into your breakfasts. Today, we are going to tell you 10 breakfast hacks to help you build muscle (there’s no need worry, your food will still taste great!)

1) Switch up your Smoothies

At first glance, smoothies may not seem the best for muscle-building breakfast. However, there are a bountiful number ways to level up your smoothie and make it the perfect high protein breakfast. First of all, use a fruit like a guava. Guava has a significantly high protein content for fruit at 2.6g per 100g and it tastes amazing. They are also low in calories, giving you that extra protein without all the unwanted extra calories.

2)Add Protein Powder

A great breakfast hack to up your protein is protein powder. Protein powder is, of course, a wonderful source of protein as it uses isolated protein from other sources and leaves out all the fats and carbohydrates. There are a variety of protein powders from whey to soy to hemp so no matter what diet you follow, they are an exceptional way to incorporate extra protein. Plus, you can add them to a variety of breakfast foods. Add some vanilla or chocolate protein powder to your oatmeal and there is your protein rich and delicious breakfast.

3)Give Other Grains a Chance

Why not change your oatmeal up a bit? On a high-protein diet, oatmeal can look like the carb-filled breakfast of your nightmares. It doesn’t need to be that way. There are a variety of grains you can choose from to make your breakfast a high-protein heaven. For example, quinoa is a grain which is a great deal higher in protein and amino acids. While also being super nutrient dense, therefore keeping you healthy in a variety of ways.

4) Add Eggs

Seriously. Add eggs to everything. Eggs carry a staggering 6g of protein per egg. You can have these with bacon, toast. You can add these into your pancake mix. Remember to incorporate these awesome protein powerhouses, they can be easily overlooked but they can have a significant impact on your muscle-building.

5)Pour some Greek Yogurt on it

Oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies; Greek yogurt is a friend to all of these and you’ll be ecstatic to know that it is high in protein too containing 72% protein which also means this is a low-carb breakfast. This neutral-tasting food is perfect in any breakfast dish. You can even have a bowl of Greek yogurt by itself with some berries and seeds on top, perfect!

6) Be a Nutter for Nut Butter

Hacking your breakfasts to make them high-protein is all about switching it up and altering your normal breakfast foods. With this hack, switch out your regular buttered toast and add some nut butter. For example, two tablespoons of almond butter have 7g of protein. Nut butter is also a great ingredient to add to nutrient dense smoothies.

7) Skim Milk

Milk is a common ingredient in most breakfasts: oatmeal, cereal, smoothies. However, it can be a little nutritionally void when it comes to protein. Change up your milk and use skim milk instead. This amazing milk has 8g of protein per cup. So even if you are feeling lazy and just want to have cereal for breakfast, you’ll still be increasing your protein intake for the day.

8) Nuts and Seeds for all your needs

Nuts and seeds can pack high amounts of protein in just a handful. Almonds come out top at a whole 6g of protein per an ounce. So remember to sprinkle some in or on top of your smoothie bowl or oatmeal. Chia seeds also pack a super amount of protein and can be easily made into a hearty and filling protein-rich breakfast. Just at some chia seeds to Greek yogurt and leave overnight. In the morning you will be greeted by a healthy and delicious meal. Add some berries on top for more flavour.

9)Beans for Proteins

It seems like beans are forgotten when it comes to a healthy high-protein breakfast. But these little legumes pack a ton of protein and amino acids. Season them and add them to your breakfast, have them in your omelet, mix them in your blender with your smoothies (yes, I did say that). There are copious ways to add beans into your breakfast and they’ll soon be your new favourite.

10) Green Gains

Now, I know it might not be what you want to hear but greens are a wonderful source of protein and are also incredibly low in calories. Greens are incredibly diverse. You can make a green smoothie, saute some greens with spices, make a salad and even more. Plus if you stick to high-protein greens such as kale you’ll be working towards those green gains in no time. If you still need a blender read this article to help you buy a blender.

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2 thoughts on “10 Breakfast Hacks To Help You Build Muscle

  1. Love this hacks! Protein intake doesn’t need to have tasteless diets where in fact creativity is all it takes! You’ll have just need to be careful right? Just enough no to ruin your objectives. Well if you have lots of money add protein powder to everything but if you are on a low budget add eggs to everything!!! AHAHAH!!

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