Best Way to Build Muscle – 3 Elements of Muscle Building

If I’m only allowed to tell you ONLY three things that you need to remember in order to build some mean-ass muscle that’s going to be:

1) Hard training

2) High Calorie diet


3) Changing things up regularly

Surely you don’t lift weights in the gym to build endurance for an upcoming marathon, or for anything else – you lift weights to build muscle and strength. In that case this post is for you.

Most of the time there are just too many damn things in your head that you tend to lose everything that you know and mess things up. That is why right now I want you to focus on 3 things, and only three things:  Train hard, eat hard, and Change it up!

First: Train hard – with every training session do the most that you can within 1 hour. Utilize intensity techniques from time to time and remember to keep your rep ranges within 6-10 and do 4 sets at the most for every exercise. For chest, back, and legs do 4 sets each exercise and for arms and delts do only 3 sets per exercise. Your exercise must consist of at least one compound move (bench press, military press, leg press, squat etc) and one single joint move or isolation move (leg extensions, flyes, leg curls, lateral raises, etc) and be sure to focus on FREE WEIGHTS and not on machines.

Whenever you can do more than 12 reps increase the weight by 5-10% at the next set until you fail at the 10th rep. Reach for failure for at least one set in those 4-3 set that you will do per exercise; that means doing your reps until you cannot lift the weight anymore. You can utilize intensity techniques such as drop sets to extend the sets on some workouts to shock your system.

Squeeze your muscles on every rep and make sure that you lower the weights slowly for 3 seconds since the negative part is what causes growth and what makes the caloric demand of muscle repair to rise. This is a plus for people trying to fry away body fat – maintenance itself of extra muscle fibers and their repair after a negative-accentuated training costs your body tons of calories (muscles are expensive).

Second: Eat hard – There is just no going around this. You need to eat more than a thousand calories than what you usually eat in order to gain muscle and strength. For slim people who have a hard time gaining even a single pound of weight that means “eating like a pig” literally. Eat your meat, eggs, rice, and so on. Eat a lot; eating is a discipline in itself. You might not feel like eating but you have to.

For people trying to lose fat make sure to balance out your omega3s and omega 6 by taking fish oil and other omega 3 sources like egg yolks. Also avoid bread, drink plenty of water and do HIIT (high intensity cardio) twice a week in your non-lifting days on an empty stomach.

Third and lastly: Change it up – remember our discussion on homeostasis? Basically your body’s a b¡tch and it gets tired easily of stuff that it usually receives. The result is that you will get no results if you keep on doing the same thing or eating the same diet over and over again. That is the reason why you must change up the rep schemes (or any element of the lifts of your program) every two weeks at least. That is called periodization. We also discussed that you need to place a shock emphasis on your diet as well for the same reason stated above (example: changing up your main protein source from month to month).

Inspirational Photo of Freddy Ortiz:

Freddy Ortiz Build muscle


People, those three are three best practices in order to build muscle and can be considered the three vital ingredients to gaining muscle. All these 3 practices must be done and only one of these lacking will also lead to lack of results and no muscle gain. So, you wanna look like Freddy Ortiz above? Work that ass off! Eat your eggs, A Lifters!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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