Before the Gyms Close out – Fill Your Pre-Christmas Gymbag

I understand we have already covered a lot of stuff here in About lifting for issues ABOUT LIFTING (I wouldn’t have guessed) . While I know that most of you are already well on their way I fear that some might have missed some important guidelines or have forgotten them.

So before all gyms close for the holiday season here we have put up some of the things that you must not miss to read; put these into your gymbag before you go for today’s workout! Let me Refresh your memory:

Lift with a partnerlift with a partner;  a partner more hopefully more intense than you are or at least somebody who can take you out of your comfort zone and whose training methods are a little different than yours. See this article for my take on why I think training with a partner is important.

Periodization is important – it is of utmost importance to change your training schemes on a regular basis.

Your body will always seek a minimum energy state – Related to the above pointer, which is one of the reasons why you need to change thing up regularly. Your body will always seek to consume fewer calories therefore might halt your training progress if you the same things over and over. See this post for a complete explanation.

Even your diet needs to change up – you think you only need to periodize training? Your body also adapts to food and macros (macro nutrients) that it always receives. Your body is a b¡tch who does not appreciate what she receives – give it a shocker! Read that article here.


Different Portions of a lift – There are different parts of a lift according to position of the weight: the one from the start point to midway, the midpoint, and from midpoint to full contraction. Why is that important you say? Check this post to find out.


Most effective working sets – Science has helped us achieve a lot of things; transportation, electricity, or even time and space travel – well in the future. But what we are interested in is about lifting and so we celebrate that science has finally uncovered the most efficient working sets!

The most effective way to have smaller waists – so you can do hundreds of sit-ups but you still have those bigass waists? Why not try vacuums.  If you think I am talking about vacuums cleaners, then you have to read this post before you waste your time or money on other more complicated methods.

NO SUPPLEMENTS FOR NEWBIES – Newbs and beginning lifters, especially the skinny ones don’t need to buy special supplements. This one is important! Read that post here.

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Killer chest workout – Most of you are wasting your time grinding your chest for 2 hours with redundant moves! Check out this old post for blasting your chest in less than 30 minutes!

Lifting is Holy – Lifting promotes a healthier body, but don’t you know that it also promotes a healthier spirit? If you are surprised and you haven’t heard of that before then you need to read this article.

Bodybuilders have balanced fiber types – Bodybuilders have (and are supposed to have) a more balanced ratio of fast twitch and slow twitch fibers. Basically bodybuilders differ from other lifters in that aspect as most athletes who lift weights basically have more type2 fibers and very little type 1 fibers. Read the full post here.

Dynamic tension – If you are not familiar with dynamic tension, it is a method wherein you use your own muscles against each other to produce resistance. We have here a post about dynamic tension, read that out.

Lifting strengthens your bonesdoes lifting weights strengthen your bones? Yes it does!

Bigger chest nowHow do you make your chest bigger as in RIGHT NOW!? Ribcage training

You can’t get bigger armsBecause your legs suck!

donkey calf raises arnold

Do something about those legs, like that: Donkey calf raise, you can do that at home 

Homeostasis – If that gets you asking: “what the hell is homeostasis and how the hell do I pronounce that??”  Then read this post, for pronunciation consult Webster’s.

Arranging your workouts – if you are training your forearms before your biceps, you happen to find yourself blasting your arms before training your chests or back, or you don’t know that your core (waists, abs) must always be trained LAST; then you need to see this post.

Music – You need to listen to music while lifting

Can I get big in 3 weeksHow do I get bigger in 3 weeks? And YES it is possible!

Specialize your training – you cannot train like a bodybuilder if your goal is pure strength gain and vice versa.

The Holy diet Can you follow kosher and expect muscle gains? YES!

Genetic Freaks Myostatins and genetic freaks exist, yes they do.

Stretching – You cannot stretch a muscle you are about to work out! If that statement surprises you, read this post: The benefits of stretching.

Don’t rely on Steroids – I am from the medical field so this post will not help me much in the medical, nor in the lifting field (if ever I want to market juice) but what I can tell you is you cannot rely on steroids and if you are not a very advanced lifter, I recommend that you do not take them, period.

Diet as humanswhat do humans eat? We are INDEED omnivores, by the way and the carnivore, or herbivore human theories are all BULLSH¡T!!!

CholesterolCholesterol is good, cholesterol will NOT give you heart attack, NO, NO and you will not grow without consuming cholesterol. You wil not getr fat with cholesterol either.

Your Muscles are a MAFIAThink of your muscles as a MAFIA organization and you are well on your way to building something HUGE! Oh you don’t believe me?

Let me give you an offer you cannot refuse..

Spot Reduction is Bull – so you think that you can lose fat around your belly by training ONLY the belly! HAH! You’re dead wrong!

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Avoiding tendon injuries – or if you’d rather have them first, then read the post now.

Merry Christmas, eat your eggs people!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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