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About lifting and the Iron Thumb method is not a “get big quick” method; more like it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme.

My system requires that you workout; work hard, and undergo PAIN.

I am not a sadistic maniac but I know that it is the only way and you cannot escape it. The most effecient method of bodybuilding is of course the one that involves more pain and soreness. Seasoned bodybuilders know that as a fact and they live by that pain because they know for a fact that in bodybuilding: it’s No pain, No gain. But of course we also discuss about how to not get injured which is a different kind of pain!


So if you want to get big and strong without having to work hard, you are at the wrong site; and just to set your expectations even if you inject horse-steroids into you blood stream it ain’t going to do you good without a good, kick ass training regimen. So one way or another you must kick your ass and work hard- there is no escaping it. And about the horse steroids? Yes I know a guy who did that. My father was a doctor ( he passed away) and he’s the person who this guy seeks monthly to inject him his horse-power steroids and let me tell you: he looks like Sh**t right now. Why? Because he doesn’t train correctly, and he never trained again.

Keep in mind any advise from this site is based on experience and research and not in any way to be considered “proffesional” advise! We do have other Guest Authors but the webmaster is NOT liable for any negative experience they might cause you or lack of results. But we still strive for quality content nonetheless. Ironthumb is NOT  a professional Certified Personal trainer. I worked at Golds as a persobal trainer that is true but that was already a long time ago and I wasn’t able to get my ACE from them. I am also not a profesional doctor but I am a licensed Nurse but that licence is NOT of any significance to this site whatsoever so if you disagree with my opinion and want to threaten suing my licence, you can suck the webmaster’s balls. But I do use my medical knowledge to formulate better judgement on helping you guys out, especially anatomy and physiology.

Another thing: This website and the Webmaster: Iron Thumb (me) does not in any way suggest the use of steroids and anything alike: but despite the fact we are not in anyway AGAINST it and the people who use it: It is their choice and it is their body, but just keep in mind that About lifting and the Iron Thumb™ method does not involve it’s use.

Keep those above information in mind and we will be good.

3 thoughts on “About Lifting- disclaimer

  1. I like how you tell the truth. It will hard work. It will take pain. It will take time. Steroids by itself won’t make you look like Mr. Olympia.

    It is all about the fundamentals, not about any hormone.

    1. Thanks Lex!
      Steroids take a bad rap and although I think most of the “negative” effects stated by this society are all hogwash (steroids are a lot safer than a Mcdonalds meal actually) I myself dont take it simply because I think I would get big real fast with those given my genetics, and I feel like its “game breaking”. Maybe later when I am on the Arnold stage who knows.

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