3 Brain Dead Simple Tips You Can – SHOULD do right now to Lose Fat

Losing weight should be quite a concern to people, especially in the developed countries. Obesity is becoming more and more aggressive with each passing day, killing more and more people with chronic illnesses; or should I say that all the junk that this zombie society is feeding us is causing more and more deaths and more fat people – that is a problem.

I was talking to relatives earlier this day, and unlike most places you will not encounter too much land whales on these parts where I am at. You see one of them just given birth and we were talking about some advice that they have received before on how to lose flab. They mentioned many off course, most of them are, as expected are overrated and over complicated; you know how “experts” tend to over complicated things, right (we have discussed that on this post)?

I respect nutritionists – they are knowledgeable and professional. But even them could be misled sometimes and could mislead you as well. Other times off course some can provide you an effective but over-complicated regimen that is great but is very frustrating at best. Off course we all know that providing an overly complicated regimen will indeed course boost their status in their clients’ eyes – they unconsciously know that that is why you will tend to get advice that is the very exact opposite of “simple”.

But the thing with that kind of dietary regimen is that most people would just give up on them. Adherence is a problem with most regimens that involve hard core macro-cycling calorie-counting, time of the day eating, glycemic-index analysis, food combination etc., and the list goes on!

Bodybuilders preparing for shows apply hardcore dieting techniques but that is to go down to 5-1% body fat percentage, and they are ALREADY lean in the first place and have done all the simple stuff that they can.

Needless to say that most of the “techniques” that “experts” advocate are either outdated or scientifically debunked. Take for example the alkaline diet, which have been proven bogus. The theory that protein and carbs need to be eaten separately and several guides that show which foods can be combined and which should not be eaten together are worthless and aren’t backed by any study whatsoever. And there are more ridiculous tips where those came from.

Another problem with those is that these advices are often given even with the absence of addressing some very simple things that the clients can modify in their diet and lifestyle. There are 3 very important yet very simple modifications that anyone can take (lifter or just a normal person) and I will tremendously impact his fitness level and make him/her lose fat and become healthier, right here, RIGHT NOW.

Note: These Tips are Chuck Norris APPROVED:

chucknorris approved


And without further ado:

1) Drink LOTS and LOTS of water

I cannot count how many times I have been asked for advice on how to lose weight by a person who apparently has gone through every diet known to man – ONLY to find out that she/he isn’t drinking enough water!

My friend, water is the most important thing! Water has been proven by science to aid in fat burning and muscle gain:

The results demonstrate that the metabolic adaptation to acute hypo-osmolality resembles that of acute fasting, that is, it results in protein sparing associated with increased lipolysis, ketogenesis and lipid oxidation and impaired insulin sensitivity of glucose metabolism.

The body is made up of 75-80% water. And lifters would always tend to worry too much about protein intake but neglect their H2O intake when only 20% of the muscle is protein and the rest is WATER. The more water you drink, the more you support your body and thus maintain its normal functions and thus not only will you help yourself burn more fat and gain more muscle; you will also help yourself health and overall wellness.

So now, when your progress is taking a stand still – before you think about trying another fancy thousand dollar, overrated “programs” that those “gurus” sell . . .

Or before you think about finally getting into “gear” and contacting your black market agent. . .

Or before you contemplate on getting your hands on that “breakthrough” supplement that will only take your money and leave you with a placebo at best . . .

Think first:

“Am I drinking enough WATER?”

90% of the time those who suffer from lack of results have okay programs, they have okay protein intake, they have a good dietary regimen, etc but they tend to drink like a drop of water a day.

2) Avoid anything that is Packaged

Anything that is packaged means that it is made in the factory, and filled with preservatives and artificial food stuffs and additives. If you are really serious about losing weight then starting today, you will eat ONLY real foods and real drinks.

This includes packaged coffee, juices, etc. If you don’t have access to real brewed coffee, or if you don’t have any way to juice your fruits and vegies, then just settle with WATER!

You cannot go wrong with this one. Real foods and only real foods; that also means no more fast food for you; so if you’re going to work you would have to cook your own meal pack your lunch with you.

Oh by the way, especially avoid the ones that say “DIET”, “sugar free” or “Low fat”, “fat free”, etc. These foods are actually more dangerous and are less natural as well. You see food only tastes like food because of their fat and natural calorie content. Now companies suck these out from the food and replace them with chemicals that can still make them taste like the original. Read this article from Authority in nutrition which enumerates the top 11 “diet foods” that could actually make you fat – according to scientific researches.

And last but NOT the least:

3) Avoid Bread at ALL COST!

Bread is one of the most fattening and unhealthiest piece of fluff that one can push down their throat. You see bread isn’t like what it was used to be. Now the ingredients of bread are genetically modified to reproduce faster and grow quicker.

Actually every time I eat some bread I end up feeling bloated afterwards and it sucks, really. I am sure most people experience that as well.

Check this research-filled article out on why bread needs to be avoided:

-Most breads are made of pulverized wheat. They are easily digested and rapidly spike blood sugar and insulin levels, which can lead to the notorious blood sugar “roller coaster” and stimulate overeating

– Most breads are made of gluten grains. Gluten causes an immune response in the digestive tract of susceptible individuals. This can cause digestive issues, pain, bloating, tiredness and other symptoms.

– Most breads contain sugar, which is extremely bad for you. They also contain “anti nutrients” that block the absorption of minerals like calcium, iron and zinc.

– Most breads aren’t very nutritious and the proteins in them aren’t of much use. A damaged intestinal lining along with phytic acid reduces availability of nutrients. Wheat may also exacerbate vitamin d deficiency.

– Eating not-so-“heart healthy” whole wheat may raise small, dense LDL cholesterol by a whopping 60%. This type of cholesterol is strongly associated with heart disease.

-Whole grain breads are better for you than breads made with refined grains, but the best option is no bread at all. Breads made with soaked and sprouted grains may be less unhealthy.

For breakfast replace your bread with eggs instead. Studies show that people who ate eggs instead of bagels ended up losing weight. And those are supposed to be the “healthy” bagels. Eggs are magical; eggs will help you build lean mass and lose unwanted fats. Fats in eggs are healthy fats that will help reduce the amount of unwanted cholesterol or LDL. Studies show that eggs are 100% safe and healthy.

Alright people, so from now on before looking for some out of this world dietary regimen that would probably be just hogwash anyways; first make sure that you’ve got those three simple pieces of advice covered. And off course it wouldn’t hurt if you would also follow a lifting or an exercise regimen but nonetheless following those 3 simple tips alone will undoubtedly make you lose fat 100% and more importantly will increase your life expectancy significantly. Lift hard and eat your eggs, people!

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