Why I don’t like the Term “Work Out” – The Difference between a Training and Working out

3 working out vs training

Forget About “Working out”; TRAIN! Goddammit! 

I don’t know about most of you, but for me the term “working out” sucks ass! Although I use it to describe exercises from time to time in several of our posts it doesn’t change the fact that the word is a BASTARDIZATION of what we really do in the weight room and I will give you a number of reasons why:

“Working out” doesn’t really describe what we do. It doesn’t describe what I see myself doing when I lift weights.

“Working out” is for rich mommies in their multicolor, neon spandex who pay thousands of dollars to their health spas to walk for 3 hours in the treadmill and will hire the most expensive trainer to impress their “amigas”.

“Working out” is a silly term like “Blogging”.

“Working out” is the New Year’s resolution of some sedentary, couch potato which he is NEVER gonna do. It will take a kiss from lady luck for us to see fatso even “work out” for more than a week before he realizes that eating lays is the best exercise of all.

“Working out” is just going to the gym and doing X number of reps for X number of sets – just that. If your session has no soul, no passion, no blood to guts mindset, no vision; then it’s just a “work out”.

“Working out” does not involve sweating till the soles of your feet.

“Working out” is just waiting for you friends to come along with you to the coolest the fanciest gym to do some chit chats while curling 5 pounds and hitting on uninterested chics.

“Working out” means you will cancel a session if your buddy cannot come because he’s too high or too drunk to “work out” with you.

“Working out” does not involve grunting; which only happens whenever you are trying to squeeze out the very last reps from a grueling set of any serious lift and test the limits of your body.

“Working out” is when your friends ask you what you’re doing and you say “Oh, I’m just WORKING OUT”.

“Working out” is for people who cannot even return miniscule 5 pound plates and chrome dumbbells that they used during their “work out”.

“Working out” is or the citizens who love to sour grape by saying:

“Oh I don’t want to be as big as that guy, he must be on steroids”

While he’s simply jealous on the inside

“Working out” is for those idiots who declare that everyone who is able to surpass him is just on dope. And he does this while curling some girly weights.

A “Work out” does not involve serious deadlifts.

“Working out” is just going to the weight room to impress people – who aren’t impressed at all.

“Working out” is done on HEALTH CLUBS not on WEIGHT ROOMS. “Gym”, however is a neutral term.

“Working out” is giving more importance to counting your heart rate so that it would stay in “fat burning range” instead of just having a kick ass session (which will surely have the same if not greater results anyways – heart rate wise).

“Working out” is not possible if you’re not wearing matching colored “Work out gear” – eww,, where’s your fashion sense, DUDE! Good LOrD!!!

Here’s a photo comparing someone who “Works out” (on the left – if not obvious at all)  to someone who “Trains” (right photo). As you can see Arnold doesn’t even care about wearing fancy shoes and instead trains barefoot:

3 working out vs training


“Working out” is settling for the average – it is for the mediocre crowd.

People who “Work out” don’t even know why they’re working out.

“Working out” is for THE SLACKERS

If you’re too invested mentally and spiritually in your session, it’s not a “work out” anymore.

“Working Out” is cliché; working out is subscribing to a certain “club” or program simply because it’s “in” and who cares about what this is for, all my friends are doing it!

“Working out” is spending more time doing stupid fucking SELFIES THAN ACTUAL LIFTING so you can post them later in FACEBOOK with hashtags #pumpin #workingout #gymdayGOODNESS GRACIOUS!!

“Working out” is for the HERD, the sheep and the prey not for the HUNTER!

Instructing people who just want to “work out” earns more money than looking for serious trainees; but it’s just more fulfilling to work with the latter.

If you are a professional personal trainer, you “sell” training programs to people who would like to “work out” – people who would like to “train” seriously will find you on their own.

If you and the iron have just met, it’s called a “work out”; if you’re already in a deep relationship with weights and you cannot remove it from your life anymore like if you left it once or twice but you were just “meant to be”; now it’s called “training”.

And most importantly, “Working out” is NOT for the Serious A-Lifter like you and I.

For the reasons above (and more), I prefer to call what we do as “training” instead of a mere “work out”. Furthermore; “Working out” requires commitment – however; “training” requires commitment, perseverance, passion, dedication, clarity of intent, sweat, tears, and most importantly DISCIPLINE. Thus it makes sense why most people would just opt to “work out”.

So the choice is yours:

Do you want your session to become a mere “Work out” or do you want to kick some ass and do some serious “TRAINING”? Eat your eggs!

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