Will Creatine Supplementation Make My Kidneys Explode – My GOD You Won’t Wanna Miss This!!

Will supplementing with creatine monohydrate negatively affect my kidneys? According to our “geniuses” yes! But well unfortunately according to science that’s no, no, no and no!

Yep, I know that you only got two kidneys, I feel for you. I got two as well, see?

 black market kidneys

Ouch! Handle them carefully will ya! Those are my ORGANS! -photo by Edit International

I know that you should be very wary of anything that you put into your body, and people these days are BIG on worrying about that – WAIT -Well that’s a bit contradicting: won’t those large Mc Fries cause infarction? Won’t all those bad cholesterol that you get from processed canola vegetable cooking oil cause death? Yet I see a million dumbasses line up for them every day, huh? I don’t see anyone complaining!!

And yes I used to work in hospitals, writing charts, doing medical procedures, taking vital signs, and I know that there is a procedure for kidney function called BUN to Creatinine ratio.

Now, I know that high creatinine levels is your kidneys’ way of saying “Please go on without me…”.

But not because creatinine sounds like creatine means that creatine consumption would also lead to kidney failure. Heh, genious. How about we test first if creatine will actually lead to kidney damage? And fortunately it has actually been studied, in fact several times already. But let us highlight this one study entitled: Effects of creatine supplementation on renal function: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.


Creatine (CR) supplementation is commonly used by athletes. However, its effects on renal function remain controversial. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of creatine supplementation on renal function in healthy sedentary males (18-35 years old) submitted to exercise training. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was performed. Subjects (n = 18) were randomly allocated to receive treatment with either creatine (CR) ( approximately 10 g day(-1) over 3 months) or placebo (PL) (dextrose). All subjects undertook moderate intensity aerobic training, in three 40-min sessions per week, during 3 months. Serum creatinine, serum and urinary sodium and potassium were determined at baseline and at the end of the study. Cystatin C was assessed prior to training (PRE), after 4 (POST 4) and 12 weeks (POST 12). Cystatin C levels (mg L(-1)) (PRE CR: 0.82 +/- 0.09; PL: 0.88 +/- 0.07 vs. POST 12 CR: 0.71 +/- 0.06; PL: 0.75 +/- 0.09, P = 0.0001) were decreased over time, suggesting an increase in glomerular filtration rate. Serum creatinine decreased with training in PL but was unchanged with training in CR. No significant differences were observed within or between groups in other parameters investigated. The decrease in cystatin C indicates that high-dose creatine supplementation over 3 months does not provoke any renal dysfunction in healthy males undergoing aerobic training. In addition, the results suggest that moderate aerobic training per se may improve renal function. PMID: 18188581 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

And because we’re on fire right now denouncing stupidity; let’s check out another study, shall we? Long-term oral creatine supplementation does not impair renal function in healthy athletes.


Oral creatine supplementation is widely used in sportsmen and women. Side effects have been postulated, but no thorough investigations have been conducted to support these assertions. It is important to know whether long-term oral creatine supplementation has any detrimental effects on kidney function in healthy population.


Creatinine, urea, and plasma albumin clearances have been determined in oral creatine consumers (10 months to 5 yr) and in a control group.



There were no statistical differences between the control group and the creatine consumer group for plasma contents and urine excretion rates for creatinine, urea, and albumin. Clearance of these compounds did not differ between the two groups. Thus, glomerular filtration rate, tubular reabsorption, and glomerular membrane permeability were normal in both groups.



Neither short-term, medium-term, nor long-term oral creatine supplements induce detrimental effects on the kidney of healthy individuals.

PMID: 10449011 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

We have also covered some of these on one of our recent articles about creatine and whey. And what we have learned today, boys? That just because someone sounds oh so smart, warning you of health effects of stuff that you are taking means they really are. From experience these are the same people proposing that creatine and whey are steroids. Numbers don’t lie and I would like to see these people publishing actual studies that would actually prove their point. They would probably need to conduct one in china and write it in a journal which nobody would understand unless they read mandarin.

Creatine supplementation is good and it actually helps hydrate your muscles. The thing is you would need double your water intake since most of your fluids will be shifted to hydrate your skeletal muscles. Any person could indeed damage their kidneys if they don’t hydrate properly – well consider that you are at least 75% water what would happen if you don’t drink enough water? And that goes even deeper than your kidneys.

And have you heard the news? Junk foods and fast food actually cause kidney failure? Like that’s new! Funny thing is that you will see more SWPLs on junk foods and fast food than creatine. You see people damage their bodies with their crappy lifestyles and they will look for something else to blame.

I guess normal people just hate seeing themselves suffering from so many chronic degenerative diseases and yet lifters look really great and really jacked. They want to believe that we are also as fucked up as they are that s why they always criticize things we do and the things we use as unhealthy.

They want to prove that jacked up lifters just look healthy only on the OUTSIDE. But sad news is healthy on the outside usually means healthy on the INSIDE!

And so far science proves that to be the case. Have you seen how muscle is related to long life? And recently we wrote an article examining another study which proves that muscleheads have lower mortality rates. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

BTW, the Creatine Monohydrate that I recommend is Dymatize Micronized Creatine. It’s quite cheap, it provides just as much creatine per serving as your leading brands, and the same quality – Heck! It’s even MICRONIZED, which means it’s easier to absorb than ordinary solutions; and all of that for half the price.

Check out Dymatize Micronized Creatine

Well then you can stop looking for kidney donors. Look, I know this news will be frowned upon by the kidney black market, sorry guys! Eat your eggs, people!

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6 thoughts on “Will Creatine Supplementation Make My Kidneys Explode – My GOD You Won’t Wanna Miss This!!

  1. Nice article. I recently got serious about creatine supplementation, going from my occasional maybe 5 g twice a week, to 5 g daily, and I can feel the difference: more energy and better recovery times.

    1. Hey, Doc
      Thanks for visiting!
      I call you Doc cause I love reading the research papers that you share in your site.

      Anyways no need to limit crea, actually its imperative to consume 20g per day on your first two weeks but if you have been taking CM for a while I guess your muscles should be saturated by now indeed, eliminating the need for saturating them with a loading phase.
      You’d know if you’re saturated if you experience strength and mass gains already and from what you say above I think you’re good so 5g a day would do.

      Thanks for putting me in RSS by the way
      I would gladly return the favor

  2. Hey great post, I am actually starting to work out now and want to only lose about 20 lbs from 190. (used to be 130 same time last year and am 5’6″) So need to lose some weight but think that 170 with 10% body fat will be the preferred area. I started taking creatine supplements from GNC as well as a G6 meal replacement and test boost night/day pills. It seems to be working but learned some new things on your site! Visit my own when you get a chance http://www.thelegitblog.com Thanks IronThumb.

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