Why you Need to Train with Different People – Choosing the Best Training Partner

If you are planning to achieve maximal strength or muscle gains; you must train with different people from time to time.

Do you guys remember the stereotypical Kung Fu student who travels to different places in search of different dojos, and stronger opponents? He is doing that for one reason alone:

“The vagabond fighter wants to become the best that he can be”

So he challenges new territory, find new opponents never letting himself settle on a rut and the best way for him to do that is by challenging and interacting with different masters and experts of his art.

I find myself in the same situation – I find myself being comfortable with short, high intensity sessions so right now I am spending the next 2 months training chest and back with some guys on one of the gyms in our area the “Stronghold” as they call themselves specifically with this big, old-time lifter who were going to call “Jomar”.

Now; Jomar trains very differently – if I can compare my method to Dorian, then his can be compared to Coleman with lots and lot of straight sets and heavy poundage since Jomar is a strong, seasoned Ironhead; which is the main reason I decided to partner up with him.

What is the use of this?

You know periodization, off course? Because you read AL I am sure you know that it is important to change up your training schemes once in a while and with experience I can tell you that it is not that easy to do that on your own therefore having different training partners will force you out of your comfort zone.

What do you need to look for in a partner?

Do you need to look for someone with better training regimens? Not necessarily – to tell you the truth if you are following all of our methods here, it would be really hard to find anyone else doing better.

What you need to look for is someone preferably stronger than you are and someone who has the right “work ethic” in short someone who values hard work so that he can push you to your limits. He doesn’t need to have the most advanced training methods and knowledge but his method need to be different than the one you are doing or what you are USED TO DOING right now.

barbarian brothers crazy training

The Barbarian Brothers are the best training partners always pushing themselves past each other’s comfort zone.

In my case I used to just train for just under 30 minutes. With Jomar the giant; we train for almost two hours using some Arnold-style high volume approach. NOT the most scientific method but it sure did hit the right “variety” buttons.

Commenting is SEXY! Have you trained with a training partner before? Tell us about it. Eat your eggs, people!

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