Why my Arms don’t get Bigger or Stopped Growing – 6 Reasons

Here we have some of the reasons I have observed with people who keep on complaining that their arms (especially their biceps) just would not grow or has stopped growing. Some would just involve simple adjustments while some will require more long term effort.

1)You don’t train triceps – The body will only allow for an amount of imbalance – so if you are training only your biceps and you don’t hit your triceps in the similar fashion- then you will reach the point when your biceps will not grow anymore even if you train it intensely and regularly.

And not to mention your triceps really contribute to half of your arm size so I would have you train biceps together with triceps in the same day (if you haven’t been doing so). This follows the principle that we discussed way back on our article about back to back supersets. Try it out and see some new arm growth.

2) Your arms are already big – You are just so engrossed about the measurements you find on magazines about 21-22 inch guns! Let me tell you what, even I can add 5 inches to my measurements. You should know that those guys add inches to their measurements (especially in Musclemags and M and Fs).

One thing though; Lee Priest has the best guns in the industry and has been pretty honest about a lot of things as well including the sham about the pros adding inches in the measurements. The guy is only 5 foot 4 inches and look at his arms:

Lee priest Arms so big with a car

Those guns make the f#ckin’ car look small!

3) You don’t know how to curl – You curl huge weights but you are just swaying your arms. The elbows must be very stable all through out any type of curling movement.

If you are having difficulty – try to stand against a wall then put your elbows against the wall. Your elbows must be touching the wall the entire move. Do it slowly and reduce the weight if need be, then do your moves slowly to maintain time under tension – 4 seconds up (4 seconds hold at top if you’re using a machine) then 4 seconds down.

You should also expect the same results if you are just using momentum and jerking the weight all the time. You can expect NO GROWTH whatsoever. I know the cheating has a place in barbell curls but that is just for intensity purposes and there is a way to do that properly which I elaborated in this post.

4) You do the same thing over and over again – You must know that according to the basic principles of conditioning that when you do the same thing over and over again your body will not see any reason anymore to adapt or get bigger. So you really must not be doing the same thing you did last week this week for any body part. Try changing the workouts, the techniques, the intensity, the rep ranges, or even the tempo or the seconds you get the weight up and down (for example you do it explosive at the positive portion of your reps this month and then next month you will do slow 4 second up 4 second down reps).

5) You over work your arms – You are using too many sets and too many exercises for arms. Arms can take frequent workouts but they are not suited for LONG workouts so try to plan your workouts and only do one compound move (drag curls), one concentration move (preacher curls and spider curls), then a machine move or a stretch move (incline bench curls: the lower the incline degrees; the more stretch you’d get).

6) You don’t train legs – You’re chicken legs. This might surprise you as to what the hell does legs have anything to do with arms? I got to tell you again your body will only allow for a little amount of asymmetry. So it is impossible to have arms to big or else we would rather walk with our arms instead. Except if you use synthol injections in your arms and that’s just plain stupid.

Truth you can gain inches into your arms even if you don’t train them directly. As a rule for every 10 to 15 pounds of body weight you will gain 1 inch around your arms

To tell you the truth you can gain inches into your arms even if you don’t train them directly. As a rule for every 10 to 15 pounds of body weight you will gain 1 inch around your arms. Off course if you gain fat your inches will also be made of fat; same same. So if your inches have stopped coming in then maybe it’s time you also train your legs – like what you’re supposed to do anyways. Remember it is called bodybuilding because you craft your “body” not just some parts of it.

greg valentino

The funiest man in bodybuilding -my man, Gregg Valentino – consequently he also has the biggest guns. Oh and that arms exploded thing is bulls¡t! Who can lose tons of pus and be alive? Edited crap, people hate bodybuilders nowadays.

There might be more can you share some stuff that you can add to this list on the comments section? Eat your eggs,people!

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4 thoughts on “Why my Arms don’t get Bigger or Stopped Growing – 6 Reasons

  1. My arm does get the pump when i workout but it just loses out all the pump after 2hrs of workout…It gets back to initial stage …how to overcome this??

    1. Pumps ae just ..well
      Pumps are just temporary surge of blood into the muscle that you worked out,
      Its just an inflamatory response and very temporary and yes it should only last for a while.
      You’re even lucky that yours last for 2 hours..


      It is just a side effect of lifting..
      Along with the “growth”

      a pump and “growth” is not the same..
      Lifting properly with the correct regimen will ensure that you will kickstart the growth process and may or may NOT induce pumps
      check this post out for my explanation about pumps:

  2. One of the best article I have read till now about growing arms. I was doing all the same mistakes you have mentioned here. Thanks, sir.

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