Who was the Greatest Mr Olympia of all Time – Pick your Favorite

So who was the greatest Mr. Olympia of all time? On this post I want you to choose among all of the men who has won the Mr. Olympia title (which is considered to be the highest award to be given to any bodybuilder – more about the Olympia Weekend here and here for the wiki) your favorite or who do you think among them is the best of the best; the best of all time.

The images plus the complete list of all of Mr. Olympia winners can be found here. Please take your time to answer this one and choose wisely, my friend. I will give my humble opinion (and my own vote) at the second part of this post but before scrolling down there please vote for your favorite Olympian first here (I have arranged them from the earliest Olympian to the latest):

For you, Who was the Greatest Mr. Olympia?

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 My vote:

Mr. Olympia has been around since 1965 and so far has a total of 13 Olympia winners already. Mr. Olympia winners represent the best of physiques of their time and they inevitably dictate the mindset and the aspired physique of their respective generation of muscleheads.

From Lee Haney we saw Olympians getting larger and larger. Especially since Ronnie Coleman got bigger and bigger from then on bodybuilders (not only Olympians), grew bigger and bigger. Arnold stood 6 foot 2 and weighed 240 at his peak; today we have 5 foot eight bodybuilders weighing 240-250 who have less than 10% body fat – that is how Mr. Olympia champs changed the name of the game so far.

But beneath all of these mass monsters out there I still go for good ol’


Frank Zane The Greatest of all Time

Very very few bodybuilders – even modern era bodybuilders with all the available drugs and supplements can replicate the finesse and the symmetry that Frank Zane had during his peak. And it also helps matters that I am some kind of a “classic” type of person and for me Frank Zane is the “Cadillac El Dorado” of bodybuilding.

As much as I admire the mass and the efforts of our modern Olympians; especially Ronnie Coleman who is contrary to his looks is really as gentle and as humble as he speaks – like a good ol’ friendly uncle big bear. I have nothing against them and I myself want to become as big as I can be. By the way speaking of modern Olympians – I would have Dexter Jackson as my choice for the best of them. Dexter is so streamline and Symmetrical and massive at the same time. He is for me the perfect package among the frequent finalists these days.

My Runner-ups:

In my opinion the first runner up for the greatest Mr. Olympia of all time would go to no other than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

arnold schwarzenegger mr olympia

Arnold contained that freakish mass but at the same time he brought a package of symmetry that any mirror would envy and of course that flat stomach he had didn’t seem to belong to the coat of armor that he wore around his body. That is one thing that I love about the classics – you will never notice that distended “roid-gut” that the modern bodybuilders have these days – which is starting to look like a requirement for qualifying for today’s Olympia weekend.

I would give the second runner up spot to Sergio Olivia for obvious reasons: Being a mass monster even before being a “mass monster” was considered “in” but take note that he sported this physique with minimum drug availability and brought to stage a 27 inch waistline.

(compare: From left to right: Oliva, Yates, Arnold, Coleman)

comparisons between sergio oliva

You see those are not scientific-statistic based sh¡t, but those are my opinions and if you happen to see those Olympians I chose would you not be impressed even if they weren’t your favorite? Anyways those are my opinions, what’s yours? Can you share with us in the comments section the reason behind your votes? Eat your eggs, people!

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