Weight Lifting Technique from HELL the INFLITONICS

We are going to discuss one of the best ball busting brutal techniques in lifting weights that will surely bring you tons of MUSCLE and RAW strength! If your progress has come to halt or when you hit that hard wall; this technique is the answer.

So read on if you want some brutal muscle gains on your next workout.

But if you are not ready to experience pain-STOP! And go back to suckling your mama’s teats.

This High Intensity Technique is called “Inflitonics” or “Inflitonic sets”.
What the heck is an Inflatonic? No! INFLITONICS!

At first I didn’t even know that there is a word for this technique, but I found out that Mentzer was a big fan of this practice therefore he baptized it as such;

negative inlitonics mentzer

I guess it is because this really INFLATES your muscles!
So how do you do it? Very simple; you know that negatives bring out the best in your training progress, right? It’s basically negatives but this time you get your partner to apply additional pressure at the negative portion of each rep. Your partner pushes the weight down and you try to resist it and you lower the weight as slowly and gently as possible despite the additional pressure.

The method

Upon failure you can ask your partner to lift the weight to the top position for you so that you can do more inflitonic reps; surely you can do more negative reps beyond the positive failure. Do this for more intensity. Just make sure that you bought bigger shirts.

This is where the technique comes into play: Instead of lowering the weight yourself, have your partner assist you – in making it HARDER for you to lower it – have him push the bar down and then try to control the lowering phase and fight his resistance.

Now I tell you, this sh*T hurts like hell! But it’s damn worth it! You just do your sets like you always do, with the slow cadence that we are training for and you just apply this one to the last set of your main multi-joint lift (Squats, Deadlift, Bench press, Military press)for the body part.

But I won’t do this with Deadlifts or you’d be double dead. Seriously; DON’T

If this is your first time doing this, consider using the smith machine for safety until you get a hang of it. One can also do this with lying leg curls with machines; just make your partner apply pressure on the weights at the end of the cable- heck he can even stand on them! See your wheels inflated to a thousand PSI afterwards! You’re also gonna need bigger jeans if you will lift with this technique often with legs.
Guys please leave your suggestions, comments, and reactions below. Eat your eggs, people! You’re gonna need them.

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