Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

A lot of people ask me whether lifting weights (weight lifting) could help in weight loss. I will be honest with you – lifting weights will make you GAIN weight ONLY if you are already “lean”. That means if you are overweight or if you have extra body fat, tendency is yes, you will lose weight even if you do not do cardio!

We have talked about this one before when we asked “Does lifting weights burn fat?” and another one in our article “How to burn fat without losing muscle” where we have outlined some easy tips on how to go about losing fat without sacrificing your muscle gains. You might want to take a look at those articles above first as they may serve an answer to your question.

As for our main topic of weight lifting to lose weight – I say weight lifting when done CORRECTLY will indeed make you lose weight in form of fat.

Basically if you are already lean you will gain weight (in form of muscle) but since I bet people concerned with weight loss wont belong to that category I will not concern myself with that weight gain issue for this post.

So for people concerned about weight loss, taking up weight lifting is indeed a good idea. A bodybuilding type protocol of training would be perfect for you. Let us remember our motto here:

“Wherever there is smoke there is fire. Likewise wherever there is muscle building, there is fat burning.”

With that what we will work on is on inducing muscle fiber micro tears. This is the goal of every effective bodybuilding protocol. Muscle micro tears will stimulate the body to start muscle protein synthesis and will repair them resulting in thicker muscle fibers.

HOLD UP HOLD UP! I thought we are talking about weight loss here? I don’t want to look likes some freakish woman like this:

ms. Olympia

No you’re not going to look like that unless you take crazy amounts of steroids! Even guys will have a hard time achieving such physique!

For guys if you are fat I don’t think you will mind if you will become a little bit muscle bound would you? Or if you are worrying about becoming freakishly huge that wouldn’t happen as well but I would have to warn you that the Iron Thumb protocol for training is really effective that you might find yourself at the biggest that your genetics will allow. Frank Zane’s mass is very possible even without drugs and I don’t think that size will scare anybody off.

Frank Zane The Greatest of all Time

And for those guys who are afraid to get big please read this post.

Enough of that let us explain why you would lose weight:

Basically the muscle protein synthesis itself and the repairs done by the body for the damaged muscle is the equivalent of a construction project done for your home – very expensive and taxing. A home owner would spend thousands of dollars for a renovation or a construction; the body spends fat and cholesterol. And for guys it also spends cholesterol for testosterone production since muscle building requires testosterone, at the same time your body produces more testosterone because it is needed and that is a big plus.

So after a session your body will actually be in a super metabolic overdrive. Your body would keep on consuming and consuming calories even if you are not working out just to facilitate the “repairs” needed. That means that you burn fat doing nothing. The caloric consumption at this period also thumps that of a long cardio session.

Besides that when you gain muscle (experienced hypertrophy) or in the words of soccer moms: “Toned” your muscle; your body will actually have to spend crazy amounts of calories and it will do so by cannibalizing your fat stores. That is why a lean bodybuilder needs to eat like a pig just to maintain his muscle gains.

For best results: do the program outlined in the basic regimen article. Do it 4 times a week. DO some stretching in between or some yoga. But don’t do yoga before you workout do it afterwards since stretching beforehand will negatively affect the intensity level of your exercise.

Important: do the negative portion of your reps slowly. That means you lower the weight for at 4 seconds each rep. You basically fight gravity all the way down. Don’t ignore this part as this whole thing will not work without this “negative element”. The negative portion of the reps has been proven to cause the majority of the “micro tears” that we are aiming for. No micro tears, no weight loss, no muscle gain.

For the diet you must also drink some protein source after these workouts just like how a bodybuilder would. Remember that the protein synthesis and lean muscle gain are what we are after here. For that Whey protein has been shown to do this job pretty well.

Eggs are also great but if you area conscious you can microwave it slightly first just don’t let the yolk get cooked since that contains valuable nutrients like follistatin which can be ruined by heat. Personally I have only used eggs before with great results I think there is just no research about it yet. But whatever you do please don’t buy the “egg whites” drink – that is particularly useless for muscle gains.

Another thing is that you must avoid bread. Stick with rice for carbohydrates – especially brown rice. Eat a lot of fresh veggies and veggie juice. Personally I love carrot juice and tomato juice. And if you are willing to invest on a protein shakes like whey I would suggest you drink a shake before your meals. Research shows that people lost weight simply doing that since it reduces their appetite while getting their protein intake high – leading to a higher metabolism.

And please don’t forget to drink at least a gallon of water daily. Simply doing that leads to weight loss 80% of the time.

So that’s it – apply those simple tips while you undergo a serious weight lifting regimen and I am sure that you will experience weight loss in no time.

Let me ask you: How is your weight loss program? Are you experiencing great improvements following the Ironthumb regimen? Eat your eggs, people!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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4 thoughts on “Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

  1. You said it all with “Wherever there is smoke there is fire. Likewise wherever there is muscle building, there is fat burning.”
    I dieted and only did cardio until my friend told me about strength training. I am a woman and did not want to look like Mrs. Scharwzenger so I was a bit afraid. However, in two weeks, I lost more weight than usual AND I had more energy than the sun. Thanks for the affirmation.

    1. Thank you for taking time reading the article. Please indulge in my posts regularly and I guarantee that you are going to look more and more fantastic and feel more and more energetic. But I hope you won’t mind swaying away from popular beliefs and fads most of the time.

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  3. We are all human beings and we can all put on pounds or we can all lose weight. Depending on various variables this kind of as effort and diet these can decide precisely how much pounds we can shed.

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