Vacuums are More Difficult than They Sound, Which Makes Them Even Better

We have discussed the importance of vacuums in the past and stated that they are indeed qualified to be your “killer ab workout”.

Bah! So what is so hard about sucking in air for a few seconds?! I tell you vacuums are not to be underestimated – and actually saying that it is just a “killer ABS” workout is BIG understatement; why? Vacuums not only work your anterior (front) abdominals, but EVERYTHING in your stomach! Surely it works the whole transverse abdominals which is like a huge tectonic plate of muscle that surrounds your entire “waist” region.

If you actually “tried” getting the vacuums done you would find that it really works you up and increases your heart rate much more than any thousand dollar ab-slider would – heck even I; and I consider myself to have quite a developed midsection, and here I am losing my breath in the middle of my vacuum holds.

Everyone back then knew the importance of Vacuums, take George Eiferman for example:

george eiferman vacuum abs

So if you are considering running a marathon because you want to lose those fat-ass pounds of big mac blubber, FORGET IT! Just do some vacuum holds instead! It will be more than worth your while, and it will kick your fat ass better than any sissy long distance run!

If the original program seems so hard (500 seconds everyday), I understand – just do three sets of ten everyday; what comprises every set, you say? Well you basically breathe in, then out, sucking out all air from the stomach like this:

arnold vacuums

Hold that for ten seconds. That’s one rep – do ten of those that’s one set! Trust me; you would only be able to do 4 or six reps consecutively at first, but don’t worry, you will get better quite quickly and what accompanies is inevitably, a smaller waist line!

Note:  Vacuums will not get you those washboard “abs”, basically your “Rectus abdominis muscle” – if you want to get those Ahmad Haidar six packs, you will off course need to  a lot of crunches. To be honest boxers have the best crunches and sit-up programs, check and see.

Ahmad Haidar’s sharp abs can cut fingers:

kick ass abs ahmad haidar

Moral lesson of the story – you can craft some mean looking six packs by doing thousands of crunches but even those won’t do jack sh¡t to make your entire waist. Vacuum holds are perfect in a sense that it works out the entire midsection (literally) and it is also God damn challenging and provides a great cardio vascular workout in itself. So vacuum holds will not only help you craft a smaller midsection, but it also makes for a great fat-burning exercise. Eat your eggs, people!

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