The Trinity of all Workouts – The Only Three Exercises that You’ll Need to Grow

May YHWH bless me in this endeavor as I enumerate the identities of each persona in the trinity of the lifts! Each and every lift is important in its own regard – yes I know but only three of them stand out with regards to stimulating overall muscle growth and development.

We uphold these three lifts that we will discuss in to the ranks of “Trinity” for these are your most primal lifts that you can basically just perform these three (and their variations) consistently with gradual overload and you can already expect growth and strength to come your way. They are indeed that powerful.

Now to tell you the truth I am not exactly a fan of the actual doctrine of “trinity” for I believe in the “unity” of God (like how Christ originally wanted us to if the Romans haven’t bastardized the New Testament as an instrument of mass manipulation).

But in lifting I find this to be a perfect metaphor to express the importance of these fundamental lifts that have been ignored as of late (except for bench presses).

The trinity of lifts is as follows: deadlifts, barbell presses (most popularly; bench press), and Squats.

The father, the ultimate god the father of all workouts is off course the almighty, raw DEADLIFTS.

Like what my ol’ mentor used to say “They ain’t called DEAD lifts for nothin’!!” his name was Arthur who also ran a pastoral service and calls his gym “God’s Gym”. He was also the first person who urged me to include deadlifts into my regimen and for that I am very grateful.

I immediately started on doing deads on his watch and in no time I was able to do my own bodyweight for reps, then a few sessions later 2x my bodyweight and the rest is history! I even remember the first time I lifted 200 pounds on deads and I excitedly showed it to Arthur like a child. I was like “hey look Art, I can do 200! Pat me in the head!” 🙂  LOL And as far as I can remember I was the only guy doing dead lifts on that gym.

There is no other exercise or lifts that is as raw as the deadlift and those “functional” training guys wouldn’t complain either:

Since what could be more “functional” than lifting heavy sh¡t off the ground!?

Deadlifts condition your body not only for growth but for athletic performance as it conditions raw and pure strength and stability. Even MARATHON runners need deadlifts!! And let us not even get started on hormonal release that deadlifts stimulate as it works not only your lower body, but definitely your upper body as well,

And basically works almost every last bit of your body’s skeletal muscles!!

Although deadlifts takes no muscle to an extensive range of motion, the stimulus created by deadlifts is irreplaceable by any other lift and builds on your foundations like nothing else does. Thus if muscle and strength gains are your goals – then you should never miss out on doing deadlifts for at least once every workout cycle.

Now, do you know why Franco was so HUGE – because he DEADLIFTS (that’s 700 pounds below)

franco 700 pound deadlift


Now the mother of all workouts! The Holy Spirit and the life-partner of the father; no other than the SQUATS!!

If the deadlift is your raw-ass life-teacher – the squats is the feminine ever-nourishing counterpart.

Yes squats are painful but nothing can compare to the nourishing growth process that the squat gets the body into.

Not even lifts that imitate squat’s movement patters like for example the leg press can produce the same amount of growth potential that squat does.

The squatting position is one most primal movement patterns, thus if you are able to handle yourself well in this position, and with external resistance – then be prepared for PRIMAL growth as well as long as long as you gradually increase your load while maintaining proper form and take squats to a full range of motion.

Well for the last and definitely the least of the three: The son – barbell presses and bench press is the most popular one today.

Like the son who is not the God the father; pressing moves (today the bench presses and 5 decades ago, the military press) is the most popular of the three nonetheless. It is indeed not the God nor is it the Holy Spirit but it is the only one exercise of the three that you will see in most gyms today.

But like the holy son, it can very well serve as a gateway to lifting as Jesus did eons ago. Most kids start lifting in gyms because it is the only place that has bench presses.

Now the challenge is when the practitioner does nothing but benching and develop severe imbalances and lack of progress. The lifter obviously neglected his posterior chain (his back) which is far more important for building size and he fails to include the other two primal moves (squats and deadlifts) into his routine – do not make these mistakes.

But all things being equal barbell pressing moves when done correctly will indeed aid the body in serious growth. And like the other two it is indispensible and you will never be able to achieve your full growth and strength potential without adding any type of barbell presses into your routine.

Barbell presses will serve as to condition your pushing muscles to a great extent whereas the deadlifts would have taken care of your pulling muscles and the squat teaches your body how to handle being crushed to the ground like a pepper being grounded by a mortar.

Of all these three moves, the press is where you should be able to use the least amount of weight, next the squats, and you must be able to use the greatest weight with the deadlifts. Beware of that and if it so happens for example that you can bench press more than you can squat or you can squat more than you can deadlift, and so on – then there is definitely a problem and you should work on the lift where you are lacking indeed.

Thus we have discussed the three primal moves which will lead to primal growth if all done consistently and correctly and with the seven principles of weight training in mind. Keep in mind that no mighty structure has ever been  erected to the skies without first having their foundations poured into the ground and the larger the building – the larger the foundation that is required.

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