The Best Way to Never Worry about Getting into Shape is to NEVER get out of Shape

You see, the thing I love most about old school lifters and bodybuilders is that they did no BS! No bosu balls, chrome barbells, no “workout” gloves to use to avoid getting “calloused”, or other fancy baby, sissy stuff similar to those!

Today we learn from one of bodybuilding’s greatest from the glorious days of lifting. These are the lines from one of bodybuilding’s greatest, Irv “Zabo” Kosewski:

“The best way to never worry about getting into shape is to never get out of shape” ~ Zabo

This old school lifter knew something that even most of us new guys don’t even in this age when science is prevalent. Zabo competed at around the 50s and he sported those wonderful 8 pack abs.

Irv Zabo Kosewski

Perhaps legends like Zabo and Heinrich Steinborn (our header guy) have all faded from memory in this age of confusion. But that is just too bad since many misguided people would have saved their time had wisdom from legends like Zabo been more prevalent in the popular spheres.

You wouldn’t find much direct discussion or interviews on Google about Zabo regarding his diet or cardio program, but the thing he said: The best way to never worry about getting into shape is to never get out of shape – the one we used in our title truly rings a bell.

Does anyone recall that this is actually one of the secrets of how the greatest modern bodybuilder, Dexter Jackson sports his body of godly definition and shape at his age of 44 beating guys half his age?

Excerpt: One of the things that you can learn from Dex is that he weighs around 235-240 off season and at around 230lbs contest weight. Does that mean that he doesn’t give attention to losing fat and extra weight (which is impossible given his superior conditioning)? No! What that indicates is that he makes it a point to keep his bodyfat and weight at bay even during the off season so that he doesn’t need to lose much weight for a show. That basically means that he keeps himself at top shape all year round!

This is the same as Zabo’s advice – one must just keep himself in shape all year round, that way things are more simple and you don’t need to worry about doing all those crazy hour long cardios – which are MEANINGLESS in terms of fat loss by the way!

As a general rule of the thumb, one must keep his skin fold body fat percentage at around 10% whole year round.

Now, ten percent, that is hardly sadistic at all, but at the same time 10% is actually very lean but with 10% skin fold body fat percentage it will not take too long even for a national-level competing bodybuilder to reach 5% body fat or below.

Think of 10% bodyfat as your “comfort” level for bodyfat maintenance.

Therefore, my friends just keep in tip top shape all year round and this will ensure that you will not need to worry too much about loosing all those fat. Like what my folks used to say:

An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure

And if right now you are struggling to lose those extra fat and love handles, worry not – refer to our posts on the proper and effective way of losing fat and study our articles on nutrition. Eat your eggs, people!

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