This is Why Bodybuilders and Other Athletes Should get Tetanus Boosters – ARE WE AT MORE RISK????

Support Tetanus-Free Athletes and weight training by watching this video and sharing it to other friends who train or lift weights (if you care about them). Bodybuilders and any athlete who actively train should get their boosters – in short we are more prone to getting ourselves infected by clostridium Tetani. Watch the video here:


We gym rats love to lift and train. We all know that we generally have better immunity to diseases but unfortunately, Clostridium Tetani can be found everywhere. It only takes training coming in contact with an infected surface and somehow on even a little break in your skin integrity (open acnes and pimples count) and the pathogen can enter your bloodstream. If you are not immunized; the Clostridium Bacteria will shift into an active state – once it reaches a deeper and there’s no air anymore – and it can release toxins that will target no less than your Central Nervous system.


Keep in mind that the toxins secreted by Tetanus is the SECOND deadliest toxin on THIS PLANET:.


Tetanospasmin is one of the most powerful neurotoxins known, with the lethal dose being a mere 175 nanograms for a 154 lb (70 kg) human. As with its cousin botulinum toxin, this lethality is due to its incredibly high specificity and irreversible effects (recovery can only occur through new growth of the nerve cell). The gene that encodes this toxin is found on a large plasmid within C. tetani’s genome.


Thanks to producing the top two deadliest toxins, the Clostridium genus is one of the most infamous groups of anaerobic pathogens out there, causing botulism, tetanus, gas gangrene, and necrotic enteritis. The species that causes tetanus is Clostridium tetani, a Gram positive, obligate anaerobic, rod-shaped bacterium. It can be found worldwide in dirt and feces and also winds up in house dust, contaminated heroin, and even our gastrointestinal tract.

During its growth phase, the bacterium is motile and has multiple flagella (lash-like appendages used for movement). At this age, it produces the toxins tetanospasmin and tetanolysin, which we will explore in the next section. When it fully matures, the flagella drop off and it develops a spore at one end, causing it to look like, to quote the literature, “a drumstick.” These spores can survive oxygen exposure, unlike the other phases of the microbe, and are also resistant to environmental extremes and chemical agents such as formalin and ethanol. They remain in this protective spore phase until conditions, such as very low oxygen exposure, promote germination. These spores are what can be found in feces and soil, and can be become caught in puncture wounds, scratches, burns, and other injuries. Once the conditions become anaerobic (if they’re caught in a wound this occurs when the wound closes or secreted fluids encase the spore), the spores mature into vegetative forms that multiply and release tetanospasmin and tetanolysin once again. –Bio Geekery


As you can see by now, this is a very resilient pathogen we are talking about. The only reason why this isn’t killing millions of people nowadays is because all kids and pregnant women are required to be vaccinated – but the protection ends when you are an adult (although you “may” still be protected ..somehow..there’s no guarantee) when your last dose was way back more than 10 years ago.


Every ten years an adult must get his booster – otherwise you run the risk of contracting this horrible life-ending disease in the most unsuspecting times and situations – since the spores for this pathogen can be found almost everywhere and will even survive extreme conditions as mentioned before.


A slightly decreased immunity from Recovering from Training


So these little damn critters can be found sitting around God knows where (since they are in a protected mode via spore form) and you’re here training your ass off. During and after training may not be the peak time for your immune system to battle foreign invaders as your body is quite busy with your gains and supplying your body with nutrients to fuel recovery and performance. So lets say you have a small scrape somewhere in your arms or legs, and you come in contact with a chair, that you didn’t know; a few days ago, someone held somebody’s hand and that somebody earlier that morning picked his car keys up from the ground and in the process some clostridium tetani spores from the ground found their way to the chair you are in right now. So congratulations! You a now a proud host of one of the deadliest anerobic pathogens that man has ever known! All you need to do right now is to wait for the pathogens to activate and release their famous neurotoxins, and soon enough you will end up doing your bridges like this:

tetanus neck bridges exercise


That is not a laughing manner either – that is a painting of a Doctor who treated soldiers who had tetanus hundreds of years ago and that is what the severe uncontrollable, and painful contractions look like. Needless to say that you will most likely die once you experience the symptoms.


Get Boosted 

So seeing as to how at risk we are as athletes and gym rats, we need to make sure that we are treating this situation the right way – that is if we want to live long enough to train and play our sport and spend our time with our love ones. What we need to do now is to asses whether or not we received a booster within the last few years.


If you injured yourself and you are not sure if you were given a booster – get a booster – and let your doctor treat you


If you are not injured (yet) and are not sure if you were given a booster – get a booster


If you got injured and you got a booster within ten years – go see your doctor anyway -and wash your wound BUT DO NOT COVER THEM YET with bandaids and stuff as we don’t want to remove air as it will activate the Tetanus spores much faster.


Learn more about the Tetanus SOPs from WikiHow.

I know I got mine: That’s the vial right there

George Ironthumb got tetanus toxoid


You can get treated for FREE:

Tetanus is a very hot disease in the eyes of WHO – that is why every Countries have their own programs to help residents prevent this disease. And that means that you can get a booster for free (or almost for free). I got mine for a cheap price (since the free supplies are for the pregnant women and kids). I just went to our local county health office and told them what happened. They entertained me and invited me in immediately to get a Tetanus Toxoid shot. No hassle, no driving to your hospital and paying huge amount of money for a consultation etc. Tetanus is GOVERNMENT business, b!tch! XD


I hope this article was helpful. Again please get a shot. If you haven’t watched the video – please do so here, and leave a thumbs up and share to your friends to uphold #TetanusFREEathletesANDgymRATS

Give us your thoughts – have you been vaccinated before? Are you also quite afraid of needles like me? Have you ever been lacerated or punctured by a dirty piece of metal before? What did you do? Do you have relatives who died of Tetanus? My wife has a sister who suffered from tetanus when she was a kid – she stepped into a rusty nail and she was already having convulsions when their parents knew about it (she kept it as a secret from her mom and dad- fearing that she might have her ass kicked). Fortunately that has been 30 years ago and she’s now alive and well. Do you have similar experience with your kids? What do you think needs to be done to make your kids open to their parents in very important matters such as this? Leave your comments down below or in the YouTube video.


God Bless, and till next time, A-lifters!!!


A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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