Testosterone Linkfest – Have a Testosterone FILLED Christmas Season

Merry Christmas, people! The reason why you are seeing this post is because you have helped About Lifting survive yet another Christmas! And yes this has yet been another season filled with joy and laughter, and I hope the same is true with you guys. 

And off course even if the Christmas day per say has already passed, the Christmas season goes on – and we ough to be jolly this whole season indeed; that is why today we bring back the favor to you our loyal patrons by presenting you yet another season-special of TFL (Testosterone-filled Linkages) like the one we had last year, which will get you Testosterone-filled this Holiday.

First entry comes from no other than our good ol’ friend Keoni from Hawaii. He in this post shares how Christmas and Christianity is posibly being sabotaged these days in his post: Predictive Programming in Pop culture. I love Keoni’s posts as his blog is one great resource to learning alot of stuff in nutrition and diet that the “goverment” will not want you to know.

If you celebrate Christmas, you are probably a Christian. Then you got to read Matt Forney’s entry on Christian Domestic Discipline, and why you should hurt your wife to show her that you love her. Intriguing indeed but tried and tested.

Now in the Chateu they celebrate by spreding their legs (no, it’s NOT what you think it is, you green minded creature! lol) and showing dominance by widening their stance, even while sitting.

Oh and Santa’s Pumping Iron again!



While you’re at it, do not miss Mark Daily Apple’s Holiday post.

Rogue health and fitness is a website created by a good ol’ friend, Mangan. He’s a guy who cannot settle for any priciple that isn’t backed up by studies. Here’s his post on Red wine vs Vodka, alas something handy this holiday indeed.

This season let us revissit a CS SLOAN classic post: Old school bodybuilding – I really REALLY love that one, don’t miss it!

By the way, don’t you know that latest studies point to relationship between your microbiomes or your body’s natural bacteria count and autoimmune illnesses? Therefore the modern diet which mostly hampers our natural flora, is to blame for the increasing cases of autoimmune diseases.

Don’t dare miss Victor Pride’s Christmas POST, you will love to see him wearing his santa suit.

Next up is Carnivore with his Christmas special post. And another reason why I think corpo gyms suck? Planet Fitness just expelled an innocent lifter (minding his own business) just because he’s wearing a certain Tshirt – find out more on Carnivore’s cave.

Will S has a post about a certain Viral video, just find out more on his site.

Now, we feature The Art of Manliness, one of my few favorite sites (and you’ll know why if you’ve visited them). Here is one of his Christmas specials. Another one is for the daddies out there on how to use your kid as an exercise equipment (off course without hurting them).

And to top it off, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!! May you all go forth and spread the testosterone and have a testosterone-filled holidays! Eat your eggs, and your HAM…and pasta….and eggnogs….or whatever you want this season, people!!!

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