Ten Pound Dumbbell Flyes – 10 Times the Pain? You Wouldn’t Believe it

The other day I was wrapping up on my chest day. I was planning to finish things off with a cable cross-over/dips superset (check out our post on that). I have finished balancing out the weights on the two sides – Brando’s gym has the old-school plate-stackable cross-over machine instead of a pin-adjusted one. Next I was going to replace both handles with D-handles, and then when I was replacing the one on the left side, it turns out that the cable got stuck on the roller. Damn I cannot remove it. It was quite frustrating but I tried to do unilateral cross-overs instead but that didn’t quite hit the spot.


On my way to the dips station I came across the dumbbell stand then I wondered “What if I just superset light-weight flyes instead?”And with that I planned to do “super-light” like I never did before – we all know that I am a fan of doing relatively heavy isolation moves (6 reps tops each set of flyes) so this should be shocking indeed.


And at that time only the ten pound pair is available so I picked it up without hesitation. You might be wondering “What the hell!!” but relax.  What I did is that I made sure that I get a pretty good time under-tension – as you might remember that even light weight sessions lead to muscle gains when they observed a decent time under tension with each rep.


With this I really took my time. I even took ten seconds lowering the weight, 4   seconds tensing the   pecs at top (and I did not go to full bear hug as all of the tension would be removed by that angle, I just went below the vertical limit around 80 degrees angle where the tension is preserved). On the positive part of the rep I spent at least 7 seconds every rep.


Thus, my chest has endured a total of 21 seconds (10+4+7) of time under tension EACH ONE repetition!


I cannot quite remember the exact number of reps I did as I didn’t really count but I estimate that I did around 15 reps with those ten pounders. Then I proceeded doing the dips as a superset. My chests were literally crying for help with each and every rep!
Even Arnold himself was a fan of doing relatively light-weight flyes:

arnold and colombu large chests

I am sure I’ve utilized different types of muscle fibres on the light weight flyes (more of endurance types), then once I have exhausted them I proceeded using different types for the dips as my weight would stimulate more of type 2ish fibres (and besides, the pure endurance fibres would have been exhausted by then) – thus covering all the bases. And we all know that successful bodybuilders have balanced endurance and fast-twitch fibers. I hope you try that out yourself. Till next time, eat your eggs, people!

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