Will Lifting Weights Stop You From Getting Tall

Will lifting weights stunt your growth? When I was young, I always hear people say
to me that going to the gym is bad for height. I went anyways and at that time I was
active in martial arts and lifted a little. But in my case I don’t think that I lost
much since there has been no one in my family who stands six feet tall. And in
all fairness I don’t think that my height has been stunted at all.

But you know what? Whenever I go to depressed areas in the slums, I see people who
are generally shorter (significantly) than the ones who live in developed areas. And
the truth be told: I only stand around 5 feet, 6 inches (at best) and whenever I go
to these places, I feel like I am six feet tall!

And the breaking news: THEY DON’T LIFT WEIGHTS!!

Yes, these midget-sized children – or even grownups, do not lift weights. But here’s
the thing: They are usually under-nourished. These are the people who earn very
little, too little to put food on their plates regularly, and worse is they
reproduce at a faster rate than they earn.

So what stunts growth is not lifting weights but undernourishment; if you are eating
less than what you need or if you are eating more garbage than real food on a daily
basis for an extended period of time – especially as a kid or a teenager – chances
are you will grow up. . I mean. . NOT GROW up AT ALL (in terms of height off

Height is obviously mostly genetic and has nothing to do with weight training at all. Take a look at this photo of Ferrigno and Baccianini:

Lifting weights and tallness


Another thing that causes growth stunting is damaging a youngster’s bones over and
over again. For example our adolescent is a skater who ollies and crashes to 6 feet
high in a regular basis – you can expect that he would not grow to be six feet tall
(or even 5 feet).

Truth is lifting weights can even improve your odds of being tall. Science has
proven time and time again that lifting weights strengthens your bones and even
improves bone mineral density. Lifting weights properly also stimulates healthier
testosterone production. And we all know that testosterone and height go hand in

The evidence is all around you: Do you know that most star athletes (in any sport),
like the ones you see on TV: most of them started out training at an early age. And
from most of them their physique would speak for themselves that they have been
indeed exposed to weight lifting at quite a young age (surely before 18).

If the myth was true that lifting weights can stop you from getting tall, then why
is Arnold so tall? He’s 6 foot 2. How about Karl Malone, he’s 6 feet 9 inches tall.
Shaq is like 7 feet 9 inches – All of these athletes started lifting at young age
and it didn’t seem to have affected their height. You get the point!

So as long as you lift using proper form and supplement with enough nutritious, REAL
FOOD, and avoid injuries and thus abusing your bones (which could be avoided
by using strict form) you should not have any problems with not gaining height and
having stunted growth.


But imbalanced muscular development due to prioritizing only your favorite muscle groups like for instance training only your chests and neglecting your posterior chain (your back) will ruin your posture and thus you will appear shorter than you really are. Doing so will make your overdeveloped chests pull your clavicles (shoulders) forward leading to a hunchback posture; which is not pretty. Thus don’t play favorites when it comes to lifting and you’ll be good and you will be as tall as your genetics would allow.

hunchback posture

Basically on your teens you must eat A LOT of high quality meals and drink lots of
milk and train under the supervision of a coach who knows his shit. That way you
will grow BIG and BAD, and TALL!

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