Take your Drop Sets to the NEXT Level – WARNING – Not for the Weak Spirited

So you have been doing drops sets as a way to finish off your main muscle group compound exercises and you have been getting some great results and mean pumps.
Drop sets involve immediately trading a lower weight to the current poundage you are performing once you hit positive failure. This is done for the purpose of maximizing the given set and ramp up the effort and intensity like what our model did in this video.
If you have been lifting for a while like this then it’s time to ramp it up and take your drop sets to a whole new level for a whole new level of gains.
Warning: This is going to be as painful as hell and only the tough-minded lifters are encouraged to try this.

T-Bar rows like this are perfect for MULTIPLE DROP SETS!

Franco t bar rows

To take your drop sets to the next level, you should simply do more than 2 or 3 drops.  Sounds simple enough? Wait till you hear the rest!
To do this you must put your plates in the bar strategically; I say that since I prefer executing my main compound move for a selected muscle group with barbells and free weights, but you can certainly do this with machines so dropping pounds will be easier.
Let’s says you are now at your 3rd or 4th set of your bench presses and you can execute 150 pounds for 10 clean repetitions – what you need to do is instead of putting in 1 50 pound plate and one 25 pound plate on each side, you should put two 25 pounders and 2 ten pounders and then one five pound plate on each side (this is just an example and this is how I prefer to do this). As a rule you should try to put as much plates on the bar as possible.

-note: for this it is better to put the lightest bar first then the heavier ones so they will be the first to be shed. For instance, empty bar – 5 pound plate – 10 pound plate (2x) – 25 pound plate (2 x) therefore you will shed the 25 pounders first. But this is still up to the lifter.

At failure on the last set (you should not do drop sets on the first few sets off course; only on the last set or you will be over-doing it, actually some lifters even do just THIS one set, you can also do so if you are advanced enough) shed the first layer of plates, then shed the next at failure, and so on until you are only reduced to failing with only one plate on each end.

1) Having a partner is advisable to MAKE IT HARDER for you. Your partner should remove the selected plates each time you reach failure IMMEDIATELLY.
2) Since you have a partner, you can now go beyond positive failure for each “shed” or each “drop”. Do NOT stop upon reaching failure. Before shedding a plate make your spotter carry the bar and assist you on the positive portion of the rep once you fail and then you can now lower the weight slowly. ONLY SHED a plate once you can no longer even lower the weight slowly like when it almost drops (off course your partner is there to make this safe otherwise it is not safe to do this on your own if you still don’t know what you are doing).
3) Why stop there? Make you spotter put additional negative portion resistance by pushing the weight down every time you try to lower the weight slowly – thus it becomes a drop set and an inflitonic set in one. You should wait till you fail the positive portion, then your partner assists you with the positive portion and now he pressures your negatives and once you cannot handle that anymore he will stop applying negative pressure and only assist the positive portions of your reps, and then you should wait until you can no longer lower the weight slowly even without him/her pressuring the weight down. Now you can shed a plate and repeat the same grueling process until you run out of plates.
Sounds fun right? OFF COURSE IT IS! Now look for a partner and make your Monday count! Eat your eggs, A-lifters!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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