Take Control of your Own Testosterone – It CAN and WILL get You in Trouble

For the first time again this whole 2014, I am excited and looking forward for the next workout day which is tomorrow. Delts and arms are the next on my hit list. The last time I felt this enthusiasm was way back December last year.  You know what they say about having difficulty concentrating on your mission if you have personal issues bugging you? That is true.

I did something bad (and got caught) last January which has put my long term relationship in jeopardy for the “n’th” time but the trouble I got into this time was a lot worse and could be considered a “scandal” but on a smaller, more private scale and only recently are things starting to fall into place again.

So in order to keep it on a “private” scale, I won’t tell exactly what happened. Let’s just say that it was just one of those times when my healthy testosterone levels really didn’t help.

Excerpt: Testosterone is the infidelity and ambition hormone, but it comes with a dark side: too much can cloud a man’s perception and good judgment. A guy on roids might be so climb-the-walls horny that a dumpy, unattractive maid bending over to scrub the floors could look irresistible in the moment. This would also explain the pregnancy; a very horny man needs to get off NOW, and condoms just don’t enter the equation in the heat of passionate release.

You see: sluts + high T + proximity (Equals) = TROUBLE

More so if this slut has contact with your wife or girlfriend.

You see if a girl is cheating with a guy; the guy (third party) has no reason whatsoever to tell the whole world about their affair – what’s important for a guy is that he gets sex. Not so with a mistress since ruining your main family or relationship will always be a part of her plot and will always be on her mind – since this girl wants not just sex but real “commitment” from you. And if she senses that she cannot get that from you and decides to end it – you’d be lucky if she does that without making sure that she also ends the one between you and your main girl (ergo, the one you actually “love”) as well.

Look, it’s not that I’m blaming my healthy T levels for my mistake. Mistakes are mistakes and I am not using my raging hormones as an excuse. But here’s the thing: If you have been following my advice for a while and you are somehow lifting regularly applying everything that you have learned from me and making sure that you keep an anabolic environment for your muscles – your T levels, no matter how low they were will inevitably get higher because that is how your body will adapt. And YES even WITHOUT administering steroids.

And what will happen when you have higher T levels is that you will suddenly feel more easily “aroused”. And if you are not used to having high T for a while you will suddenly feel “funny” around girls for the first time since you were a teenager (well, that is if you haven’t been exercising for decades).

You see healthy testosterone levels is a gift of power but it’s also a great responsibility “Uncle Ben, is that you?” no, it’s just me, the Spiderman!

So if you’re there and you are starting on your lifting regimen and things are going well; and then you experience these hormonal surges as a reward – take control! You will definitely feel more libido to the point that it feels like a curse and temptations that weren’t there before will start to emerge. If you are a bachelor that is no problem at all but if you have a partner already (especially if there are kids involved) this might spell trouble.

raging testosterone makes you do bad things

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So if you are on a commitment, be wiser. You will be tempted by your body and your newfound T levels and by the sluts around you who are attracted by the smell of your manliness to do stupid things that might possibly cost you your family and the love of your life.

You see there is nothing wrong about getting “some” from other girls – part of relationship management includes exhibiting “pre-selection” and not acting needy around your girl – which is pretty hard to do if you CAN’T or AREN’T getting “some” from other chics.

But if you’re going to do that make sure that you do things rationally. And yes I know that is hard to do with all those hormones rushing into your bloodstream clouding your judgment but a simple rule of the thumb is to never get involved with any girl who is in any way related to your partner – related by blood or otherwise.

That means if she’s your wife’s family, cousin, co-worker, classmate, sister, etc DON’T get drunk with them, don’t get stupid with them! Period! If you think she’s gonna shut up, because “how can she possibly hurt her sister’s feelings by not shutting up” SHE WON’T (shut up)! TRUST ME! I’ve been there!

You’re better off getting off on someone completely unrelated to her or your family. It’s also a great idea if you can lie and not give out your real name to the girls you pick up (since they could possibly look your name up on facebook and find your wifey’s contact info from there).

And if you are going to have sex with other women make it a point that you will not in any way be indicating that you two are in any kind of a relationship so that she won’t demand. Don’t say stupid things that “you’re my girlfriend now” or shit like that, they will basically respect the meaninglessness of your relationship to them. Make sure that the sex between them “just happened” or “just happens” no courtship whatsoever. Believe me, it works. Once they demand for more or start showing signs of bitching over commitment, completely cut off all contact. Don’t argue, fight, get jealous with them or basically don’t do anything with them that couples do (except sex) – and one more thing, don’t give out your permanent contact number to any of these girls; have a separate, disposable sim card for them.

So all in all our protocol – given that you follow it correctly – will lead to happier testosterone levels. But testosterone is a double edged sword and can do harm same way that it helps. But you have free will and can exercise control over your emotions, thus you can and should exercise caution over your affairs. I would like to hear from guys who have similar experiences. Please utilize the comments section and share your story.

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.

Remember that testosterone can turn you into a hero but it can also help you get in trouble. But would you rather be an asexual eunuch instead? Eat your eggs, people!

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6 thoughts on “Take Control of your Own Testosterone – It CAN and WILL get You in Trouble

    1. Well I wouldn’t say that.
      Low T will also get you low quality sexlife with your partner which is not good.

      But you need to be wise and you must handle the animal urges that high T brings with utmost responsibility.

      Thanks for reading Adam

  1. My wife completely freaked out when she found out I was having an affair.
    You really need to be carefull with those urges

  2. Damn, you really shared a very personal issue in this public page?
    I don’t know what to say,man
    I salute you!

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