Body Weight Training: Reap the Rewards of Training Differently

When most of start exercising regularly, we typically gravitate to a combination of cardiovascular exercise and more traditional methods of weight training (think squats, presses, rows, and deadlifts). And, in short, there is nothing wrong with this. Both of these […]

The 3 Part Training Regimen – A Very Simple Brain Dead Way of Constructing your Lifting Regimen

forward smith squat for glutes and hams

There are ways of properly constructing one’s weight-lifting regimen especially if your goal is building muscle mass. You just have to ensure that you have sufficiently stimulated the target muscle groups – no more (as it may lead to under-recovery […]

Intensify your Effort with Pre-Exhausts

If you are looking for a great way to get started with increasing effort intensity, then look no further than Pre-Exhausts! Assuming that you are a novice lifter on his very basic program, you are probably using straight sets of […]

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