Sun Salutation – An Ancient Solution to Healthy Living

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Yoga is the ancient form of body and mind workout originated in India but has slowly reached the world owing to multiple health benefits it offers. It teaches the methods to control breathing, maintain body posture, and meditate to achieve healthy body and mind. This is more than 5000 years old science that has proven its benefits time and again.

dave drapper old man dave draper old and kicking


There are different postures suggested in yoga to take care of various parts of the body. Sun Salutation weaves all these postures to get the wholesome health. Sun Salutation that is known as “Surya Namaskar” is the way of paying respect to sun, the supreme source of energy. It consists of 12 yoga postures that together work on your entire body and mind. It is recommended early in the morning even before the first rays of sun fall on the earth, however in case of time constraint one can carry out this blessed yoga process during any time of the day. Sun Salutation fills your body with energy to lead a fun filled day ahead if you do this in the morning, whereas it relaxes your body and removes stress when done in the evening.

Sun Salutation weaves the benefits of yoga in 12 simple postures to offer amazing health advantages as given here.

  1. Detoxification

It involves rhythmic breathing with active inhalation and exhalation to throw out carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen for detoxification. Blood is richly oxygenated to remove all harmful gases from your system.

  1. Weight loss

Yoga postures work more on wellness, and that is the reason why it is not much adopted for weight loss. However, Sun Salutation can offer weight loss if you do it fast. This faster version of yoga is adopted by weight watchers and is popularly known as power yoga.

  1. Controls blood sugar level

The postures involved in Sun Salutation work on the internal organs of the body. Insulin production is regulated by enhancing pancreatic function. It helps in controlling blood sugar levels over a period of time if sufficient repetition of the entire process is carried out with proper postures.

  1. Improved digestion

There are many postures that would help in removing the trapped gases from the abdomen. The blood flow is increased considerably to improve the intestinal function. The forward bend and half forward bend postures in Sun Salutation expand the abdominal muscles and remove all trapped gases for better digestive health.

  1. Combats menstrual irregularities

The cobra pose that is also the part of Sun Salutation is known for fighting menstrual irregularities. It has other benefits like reducing lower back stiffness, toning buttocks, and increasing flexibility. Women suffering from menstrual cramps would benefit a lot with regular practice of cobra pose, but offering Sun Salutation with all 12 postures would remove other health problems too.

Sun Salutation is about showing your gratitude to the supreme energy of Sun but in the process you are filling your entire body with new energy and life. Beginners are advised to carry out this process under expert guidance to avoid any side-effects.

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