Statics and Partial reps on One Arm Chins or Pull-Ups for Big Bad Lats

Are chins and bodyweight pullups starting to get old for you? So you can just annihilate 30 reps straight with your bodyweight in the chin-up bar and it’s a piece of cake – so why not try it with one hand?

So before telling me “good luck with that”, here’s my story:
So it happened early in the morning I was outside talking on the mobile phone. Getting bored with the conversation I did some pronated grip (palms facing me) shoulder width chins while on a speaker to fire up my back a little bit. I can carry my bodyweight pretty well indeed. It got to the point where the signal got kind of whack so I needed to switch back to hands free. So since I got my hands full I decide if I could try one hand chins. I did and guess what:

I couldn’t even get myself up all the way!

But what it did was fire up my back! Oh yeah, we have another intensity technique on our hands, let me explain.
So yes, being able to do one hand pronated grip chins might be impossible for most human beings; since it requires you to be built of a certain body frame. For short only a handful of gifted individuals can do complete, full range one-handed chins.

So how do you use it if you cannot do it?

So let’s say you’re already pretty strong with chins, and you can comfortably carry your own bodyweight for more than 15 careful, slow and deliberate reps with pull-ups – but you cannot complete a full range rep of one hand chins? What the hell will you do? Simple!

Do partials and statics!!!

And if you’re feeling a little sadistic; do both! Just do chins for at least 15 reps for 2 sets – you don’t need to reach failure on these two since these are just for the pump. Then on the third and fourth set you do 1 hand pull-ups.
What you need to do if you cannot complete a single rep is do partials. In my case I can get my body up only a few inches from the stretched out position – which like what we said in the last post is very effective for inducing growth.
So after doing regular chins proceed with doing sets of one hand chins – either you do partials or you can do static – meaning you just hold your contraction for at least 30 seconds and not let go or you can do partial reps or pulses from the stretched-out position for 10 reps or until failure. Now if you are one of those freaks who can do a full rep then good for you!

Actually according to Al Kavado Al i s big on body weight training regimens –  it is indeed possible to train to achieve pulling up with one arm WITHOUT OTHER ARM ASSISTANCE! Here’s a pic of Al doing one arm pull-ups:

al kavado one arm chins

Do 2 more sets like this per arm and your back will be toast! That was a total of 4 sets by the way.
Now please don’t attempt to do this if you are overweight or cannot manage to do at least 15 careful reps with ease. Now this might cause a little shoulder pain if your body is misaligned so please be aware of that. Eat your eggs, people!

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