Non Lifters are Dumber than Lifters – Weight lifting Makes you Smarter

I often hear people categorize muscle-bound guys to have small brains. This is very far from the truth because in fact – lifting weights can make you LESS dumb and people who lift and exercise are generally smarter than people who don’t (or generally smarter to be working out in the first place). So if you want to be smarter lift weights and exercise. Don’t believe me? Then let science prove me right.

We stand by the principle that a healthy psyche is essential for progress in the gym. Hence a healthier mind leads to a healthier body. Stressors and worried minds consume more than enough energy and willpower to suck out resources and hinder growth and muscular development.

But the same also applies the other way around – a healthy body also leads to a healthier mind. A healthy amount of regular exercise induces good types of hormones and healthy blood circulation. This chain reaction can only lead to a sharper mind and increased mental function.

That is why Einstein is so JACKED!! Courtesy of Warrior Strength:

einstein lifts weights

Indeed the mind, the spirit and the body must all be in tune for one to become COMPLETE. The same is the priciple of several ancient martial artists and warriors. They know the fact that true strength comes from training all facets of human development and most of these warriors lived as wisemen and also as deadly fighters who train and meditate everyday. Think of ancient monks who lived on mountains and some still exist and are known as Shaolin Monks,

these men know that physical, mental and spiritual well being are all interconnected.


If one lacks exercise his mental and spiritual state would also suck like his body. I bet more than enough of you, readers would be quite familiar with this as we all experience rough times of stagnancy and we can agree that a stagnant body also leads to a stagnant mind and not to mention increased “crankiness”.

We also can fully discern that people with regular physical activity are generally happier than their couch potato counter-parts even if they undergo the same amount of mental stress at work. You see these facts above could be considered to belong to the “common sense” category that one would actually have no need of questioning them since they can be confirmed by experience and observing other people and oneself.

But for the sake of all those naysayers and others who are just so anal about not believing anything unless it is backed by evidence – science confirms that lifting and exercising can indeed make you smarter.

Young men in Ireland scored better on brain teaser memory exercises following a burst of aerobic exercise, The study, released last fall, tested the men with a facial recognition cognitive matching test, then tested them again after riding stationary bicycles, comparing the results with a control group of guys who just sat by. The sweat-drenched dudes improved their test performance significantly, while the couch potatoes did no better. Importantly, the researchers conducted blood tests that demonstrated that after excercisin g, the men had higher levels of BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a protein that promotes neuron health.


Also last year, Scientific American reported on research offering another explanation for how exercise improves memory: It actually boosts the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory and spatial reasoning. The research, which was presented at the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, evaluated a group of people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s before and after engaging in a simple program of walking 40 minutes three times a week for one year.


Still not convinced? The same research team at the University of Illinois found that children exhibit sharper thinking and quicker learning when they’re fit and exercise regularly compared with those who aren’t and don’t. Kids who were fit and exercised regularly scored higher on numerous cognitive tests and were also better at multi-tasking and memory recall.

Well, so much for the stereotype that you can only either be smart or physically fit – that sh¡t was just an excuse made up by people who are too lazy and apparently TOO DUMB to lift weights or at least do any form of exercise. So what are you waiting for? Lift you weights and eat your eggs, people!

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