A Simple Guide on What to Eat When Lifting and Trying to Lose Fat. Because People Have OVERCOMPLICATED Things! – Here’s ONE Principle to END ALL Principles

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People are confused nowadays and are bombarded with so much nonsense about nutrition and advice as to what are the best things to which sound “scientific” at first sight but are actually just silly and mostly just myth. The result is most people now over-analyze their “diets” which they should not.

Here we will be straight forward on what are the best foods to eat and will give you JUST ONE, yes ONE single principle to end all silly principles that have been forced fed to you.
The greatest hindrance of people trying to follow a certain diet especially those who are doing so to lose weight is the confusion. These days it seems like nutrition has become so complicated and consequently very hard for most people (especially beginners who really need it) to follow.

These days in nutrition people and companies who are trying to sell some “breakthroughs” have bombarded the public with lots and LOTS of fluffy horse crap they call principles of nutrition.

Now people are confused and are way too “scientific” (or as they believe they are) in the way they select the best macros and micros to put into their bodies. Most popular and upcoming beliefs nowadays are way too much but if one who understands nutrition takes a look at them he would see that they are downright silly at worst and overrated at best.

Examples of these “principles” include but are NOT limited to:

“Oh, you must eat more complex carbs and avoid simple sugar”

 “Eat more soy – it’s good for you” IT’S NOT!!


“Don’t eat past this amount of protein in a week, day, etc.”

“Wear blindfolds when you eat”

“Avoid Caffeine or if you are going to drink coffee, don’t put sugar”

“Your insulin will go up when you eat this and that” and he doesn’t even know what INSULIN is!

“Oh, don’t eat animal fats” but he promotes the more deadly canola and vegetable oil

“If you eat lipids, they are going to become the fat in your belly” What?

“Your cookies contain blah, blah, blah amount of calories” Doesn’t even know what a calorie is

“If you eat fat and carbs together, your insulin will make you fat” Oh please!!

To be honest I’d rather listen to my four year old daughter discuss politics than to listen to those silly crap above. What’s worse is that the “experts” who feed those to people think that they actually make sense and at the same time, the people who buy those actually think that they are getting smarter and end up acting like nutrition experts dispensing those nonsense to friends and thus the stupidity spreads through word of mouth.

So to somehow ease this stupidity let me give you ONE Principle. Just one thing that you will think about when you chose what to eat:

Always Chose “REAL” Foods and Home-cooked meals

Forget about over-analyzing if its “simple” or “complex” carb, if it’s low or high glycemic STOP!! To tell you the truth there are some complex carbs out there that have been artificially made and are actually harmful for the body just to set an example.

This is how you should eat Image courtessy of Dailymail:

real foods how bodybuilders must eat


Forget about thinking of all the complicated but silly stuff (lest you make Avril sing “Complicated” again and again) but just make sure that you are choosing mostly “real” foods over artificially made crap.

Now here are some easy guidelines:

-If it is packaged, it’s artificial, don’t chose that or at least try to eat less of that

– If it’s meat, make sure that you see its bones and skin and all. If it is in “nuggets” form for example how can you trust that?

-“Fat-free” or “Sugar-free” means that you should stay away from them and you’d rather chose the regular version. Damn! I’d rather chose the regular Coca Cola than drink the “Zero-Calorie” bullshit or their Diet-coke which taste like crap anyways! This principle is especially applicable to choosing your milk; fat-free and skimmed milk is bullcrap and you rather chose the plain simple “whole milk”. Actually the best milk to drink would be the one that the farmers deliver in front of your house every morning you would usually get with the morning paper as they are fresh from the cow.

-Go for home-cooked vs fast food

-Water instead of packed juice and for juices it’s best to juice your veggies and fruits yourself

-Brewed is better than “instant” coffee and “decaf” isn’t better than the ORIGINAL “caffeinated” version

-Bottled water is full of crap; I’d prefer Brita-treated water instead. And please use glass instead of plastic for water storage.

-Prefer toasted or baked over deep fried snacks

-For deep frying, use animal oil and saturated oils or butter, and most preferably olive or VIRGIN COCONUT OIL. Don’t use those “vegetable” oils they will kill you!

-obviously grass-fed beef is better than grain-fed beef.

-Eat rice, potatoes, or yams instead of bread for main carb source

-WHOLE eggs, with the yolk and all are better and will make you leaner and meaner than crappy egg-beaters .

Alas, a very simple principle. And those are just some of the most basic guidelines for scrutinizing real vs artificial foods. And actually most would just fall under common sense. Off course along with that remember to drink at least a gallon of water a day and you’re on your way to superior muscle gain and fat loss. So you see, you should really EAT your eggs, people!

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