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Today we blast your shoulders with this special deltoid-program. The disadvantage of this program is that your arms will be sore for one week that you will be having difficulty raising your arms and changing your shirt; and your shoulders might get mistaken for cannonballs after months of doing this.

Here’s some inspirational photo for you – be inspired by the delts of the legend, John Grimek:

big shoulders of grimek

Notes: please use the rep ratio principle to guide you with the rep and set ranges and please take into heart our grand daddy principles which include incorporating variety; which means you will not do this same workout for your shoulders FOREVER (or for any workout for that matter).

Before going through the exercise proper, let us first review (for seasoned lifters) or study (for beginners) the involved exercises and how to execute them. This delts-program involves 4 moves:

1) Cleans
2) Arnold-Press/Scott-press
3) Lateral raises (seated) and
4) Farmer walks First off: Cleans

For the procedure of how to do cleans please go to this post where we discussed power cleans more extensively. Note: Negatives do not apply to power cleans or to any speed move; but that doesn’t mean that you are to lower the weight without caution. Always observe safety and lower the weight in a careful and controlled manner.

Arnold press

arnold press - scott press

-You start with two dumbbells in front of you palms facing you much like the end part of a dumbbell bicep curls with two dumbbells.

-Spread your arms in the starting position of dumbbell shoulder presses then simultaneously press the weight up, lower the weight begin another rep. Note: As you spread your arms you must simultaneously bring the weight up – not in a separate motion. The entire move must be a fluid unitary motion not a two part robot-like move.

Seated Lateral Raises

side lateral raises for shoulders

We do seated so it would only hit your shoulders and eliminate any cheating motion. Use a light weight that you can handle for 10-12 reps. don’t jerk – our goal here is to burn and isolate the delts.

-Take a seat on the edge of a bench with two dumbbells on each side

-Lift the dumbbells to the side until both your arms resemble a crucified person.

-Don’t drop the weights yet, slowly lower it for at least 2 seconds – FEEL THE BURN!!

Farmer Walks

Do this with your dumbells:

farmer walks

Farmer walks will hit your traps and shoulder stabilizers like there is no tomorrow. Just take the heaviest pair of dumbbells you can carry then walk from one end of the gym to another. When you get exhausted and cannot carry the weight anymore – that’s one set. Do three to four sets

Now that we have reviewed the moves, here’s the program:

Power Cleans – Super set with – Arnold presses (Do 3 (up to 4 if you can) supersets with 12 reps each)

Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raises (Do 3 sets with 12 reps)

Farmer Walks (Do 3 to 4 sets to exhaustion)

Now that’s it. You can also do another body part on the same day. If you want to do chest or back with shoulders, you have to do shoulders AFTER them and if you are planning to hit your arms on the same day – then do the arms (biceps and triceps) AFTER this shoulder program.

Share your stuff: What does your shoulder regimen look like? Can you share it bellow in the comments section for our other readers? Eat your eggs, people!

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