Can salt to your hydration plan seriously boost exercise performance?

The systems are changing, and every athlete wants to be at their best during regular workouts and more so when in a competition. As we all know, when you are training, getting hydrated is rapid, and therefore most athletes prefer taking extra drinks before kick-off. However, they still experience a problem in endurance.  While athletes who take salt capsules perform much better as salt increases the number or electrolytes in an energy drink for endurance. So let us answer the question whether salt is the new supplement for exercise or not.


When you are involved in a long distance of the event, the body will automatically get hydrated. Therefore you will require drinking water or energy drink to regain the amount of sodium the body loses in the form of sweat. However, according to researchers, even the most trusted brand of energy drink is not able to retain the total amount of sodium the body loses. However, supplementing your exercise with a capsule of salt gives you full sodium recovery. Therefore, making salty water the best drink during exercise. Although the energy drinks manufacturer know that salt improves sodium levels in the body, something that athletes need more than anything, they still want to maintain good tastes in drinks for better sales.

If you drink a lot of water before kick-off  as a way of fighting hydration, then the mechanism may seem correct. However, your kidneys always excrete fluid in the body. Therefore, once you take an extra amount of water, you will feel the need to pie very fast so as to relieve the excess fluid. Salt, on the other hand, tries to maintain a balance between water and sodium levels in the body. Sodium, therefore, suppresses the signals, which tells the kidney to excrete body fluid.

Additionally, when your body regains hydration quickly, you will find yourself in a better position to perform even better. Therefore taking in a substantial amount of salt creates a better endurance as you will not faint out during exercise nor either will you require exercising while taking extra baggage in the form of water to drink along the way.

A study that was recently placed to test indicates that athletes who use salt capsules have the ability to finish the race almost 30 minutes ahead of those who don’t. This is because salt prolongs their endurance and the need of sipping energy drinks during the contest.

Do you need extra salt?

The answer can either be yes or no. However, whether you need extra salt depends on the amount of sodium your body loses during your daily activities.  If you sweat the most, your body releases more sodium. Therefore, you will be required to replace that by taking in lots of salt. However, drinking water and taking the UK food supplement may seem okay.

While taking extra measures of salt would be good, you should also ensure that you put all the salt you consume in use. This will help you lower the risks of high blood pressure especially if you are sodium sensitive. Although the sudden rise in blood pressure, while you are taking in sodium supplements, does not indicate any reason to raise the alarm, since it will help you to drink more, therefore, remain hydrated.  It is recommended that you reduce the intake throughout the day, by eating meals containing low sodium if not none.

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