Why Testosterone Actually Makes People more Pleasant – Roid Rage Myth BUSTED

Women experimented on testosterone proved that roid rage is false

I’m sure you’ve heard of the common stereotype regarding men and Testosterone; that it causes a phenomenon known as “roid rage”. Even outside the use of steroids people tend to associate testosterone in general with behavioral problems and outright abrasiveness.

Let me tell you this: it’s just outright stupid and false.

As someone from the medical field (being a registered nurse) I cannot simply let such idiotic concepts slip without even at least speaking up. And if I had a dime for every time someone bring up the topic of “roid rage” (and believe it), I would be a wealthy man. And it’s getting too troublesome explaining this to people every damn time so we wrote this post.

Disclaimer: the writer of this post does not promote nor recommend the use of banned substances but believes that people should have the right to use them if they needed to (albeit correctly and scientifically therefore safely) and that the witch-hunt towards steroid sellers and users is just outright idiotic!

We do not recommend (nor earn from doing so) the use of banned substances such as anabolic steroids – but I exercise my freedom to debunk stupidity that has been widely spread about the testosterone. We have already debunked in one of our previous articles the myth that steroid users will just lose all the gains that they got from steroids once they stopped – as it turns out, they will get to keep their gains even years after being “clean”.

So as you might have noticed, I am not too big on propaganda. If there’s a certain belief that the majority feels to be true, my knee jerk reaction is to investigate further. And what I found out is that most of the things that are fed to us about steroids or testosterone in general are purely propaganda – pure lies.


Figure 1:
Gay man wants to become a woman – he takes estrogen and grows a pair of boobs. Society says “she’s” a “hero” for stepping “out”.

Figure 2:
Lesbian wants to become a man – she takes testosterone and grows, some muscles, beard, and a manly jaw. Again, society says “he’s” a “hero” for stepping “out”.

Figure 3:
Woman takes estrogen pills as a form of birth control. Allows her to sleep with different partners without the risk of getting knocked up and the pills actually puts her at risk for cancer. Again this is viewed as a very acceptable intervention.

Figure 4:
Man takes testosterone for whatever reason (and there are many valid medical reasons for doing so especially since men today are normally low in testosterone levels which lead to various illnesses) and before he can even finish talking people will go crazy and all of a sudden we have a new criminal in the block!

We need to know the truth; we don’t need anybody else dictating us what to believe and therefore we need to break these moronic myths even if we are not planning on undergoing external Testosterone supplementation because in the end – it all boils down to testosterone and how people believe it works.

Let us be scientific about this and take a look at a double-blind study (which means the subjects won’t know if they received the testosterone or placebo) conducted by Christoph Eisenegger and Michael Naef. They administered sublingual testosterone to 121 women and tested how they will react in a social bargaining situation and here’s how it works: (link to the study)

In a double-blind and placebo-controlled experiment, we administered a single sublingual dose of 0.5 mg of testosterone (with a hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin carrier) to 121 women and investigated their social interaction behavior in an economic bargaining paradigm. Real monetary incentives are at stake in this paradigm; every player A receives a certain amount of money and has to make an offer to another player B on how to share the money. If B accepts, she gets what was offered and player A keeps the rest. If B refuses the offer, nobody gets anything. A status seeking player A is expected to avoid being rejected by behaving in a prosocial way, i.e. by making higher offers.


Here’s a video of the Study:

It turns out that women who received testosterone gave better offers but here’s the catch:

The women who though that they received testosterone gave bad offers (deliberately) take a look at this table:

Women experimented on testosterone proved that roid rage is false


In this case we can see that the subjects deliberately acted like jerks just because they thought that they were receiving testosterone – they behaved this way because of the false social stigma that about testosterone – which it makes people rude and antisocial, and this cannot be farther from the truth. In this case the subjects unconsciously (or otherwise) lived up to these beliefs;

While the subjects who actually received Testosterone behaved more socially (gave higher offers)

And there are many more studies and articles out there that demonstrate this fallacy. And if you still believe that Testosterone makes people rude, think about this:

Old men are grumpy because they have low Testosterone

It’s a fact that healthy testosterone levels make people healthier, happier and better at what they do. Testosterone is the hormone that make men do great things; although one can argue that high-level criminals are hi-testosterone men; it’s also true that the greatest who help humanity advance are doing so with the help of their high Testosterone.

Its only natural that there are good people, and there are naturally devious people who would cause all sorts of pain to others – no medical (testosterone) intervention required! In fact most of the sh!theads you see on TV committing rape, murder and school shootings are the under-sexed low-Testosterone men – because they’re sad and they hate themselves!

Testosterone is a tool and a great one in that – too bad that modern lifestyle and diet (I’m looking at you, soy) generally lowered the testosterone levels in men today. Testosterone helps men achieve great things but one can also use its power to devious ends – it’s up to you how you are planning to use it! But one thing that will surely never happen is men causing mass hysteria and behaving badly because of high testosterone and roid rage because healthy T levels actually make people more calm and collected. Hi testosterone guys may be calm but they wont take sh!t – that’s for sure! That’s what Testosterone does and that is why society and the feminist-ridden media are working double shifts to make sure that men have low testosterone levels; because hi testosterone guys are not good fit for industrial cogs! Read this article for tips on how to naturally raise your T-levels.

Eat your eggs, A-Lifters!!

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