Why Was Rich Piana Placed in an Induced Coma? (New Video)

Rich Piana news on coma

Why did the doctors Place Rich Piana in a medically induced coma? That is what we are about to answer (or try to answer) in this video:


Why exactly did they Place Rich Piana in coma? Well to answer that, we need to know why do doctors place people in coma in the first place. And according to medical consensus; this procedure is done by means of administration of medications that mimic a coma, in order to relax the brain and give a chance to recover after a head injury has been received and swelling occurred in some parts of the brain.


This means that the cause of Rich Piana’s being induced in a coma was due to head trauma and not directly via drug overdoes which many news sites would lead you to believe – that is why I made this video; its very hard to find reliable information on this, since you can google this and see shit like this:

Rich Piana news on coma


And some SH!T news by Sun newspaper – your number one deliverer of #FAKENEWS:

Sun news on Rich Piana


From that it is quite obvious that the news companies are just trying to capitalize on the issues with Rich’s (perfectly normal for a bodybuilder) drug use. They even made an issue with the protein powders and Rich’s training in which they write that Rich Piana is killing himself “just” to achieve his physique.


Well I have a FLASH news for you, BASTARDS – Rich’s pursuit of a He-Man body is more NOBLE compared to your pursuit of propagating FAKE and SH!T News! No wonder that Sun is owned by the same owner of Wall Street Journal – because WSJ is another FAKE NEWS provider and we hope they drown in their own piss!


But amidst all the BS we found an update from Greg Valentino himself – clarifying that the issue is completely NOT drug related as he is quite close to Rich. Now to be clear; if someone is close to someone – or friends with someone; one should take their words with a grain of SALT. In this case what would you expect a friend to say about his friend?

“Oh he’s definitely using – I love you Rich, hope you wake up, you OVERDOSING BASTARD!!”


But in this case, Greg makes quite a good point, and if we examine this closely – HUGE bodybuilders really have the same risk for body injuries as obese people because of their sheer weight! Imagine you’re 120 pounds of pussy, and you fell on the floor – no biggie! But imagine if you’re 300 pounds of MUSCLE! And you fall…on your HEAD even – what do you think will happen to you? And I am sure there is no regimen to elicit hypertrophy on your skull! So its quite true that this can happen especially to someone like Rich:


With or WITHOUT being overdosed!

And in the first place, who do you want to believe – TMZ or Greg? I don’t know about you but I vote for GREG:

Greg valentino vs TMZ on Rich Piana coma

What is your opinion on this? I hope you leave a thumbs up if you support Rich, please do so in the Youtube video , and please subscribe to my channel, leave your comments down below – what do you think happened to Rich? See you soon, A-Lifters! Eat your eggs!

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