Rebound After-Holiday Leg Workout

Happy holidays and a very prosperous 2014 for you all! So I know that most of you guys have been off the gym for a few days since most gyms around the globe (especially corporate gyms) have been closed for the holidays. And if you were unlucky enough perhaps they have been closed until after New Year, which means that most of you lifters have been grinding your teeth for a week now in a severe case of “metal withdrawal”. Well I am just lucky that Brando’s was open the whole time; although it’s really not such a bad idea to take a few days off especially if you have been training seriously for several months.

So good news it’s already the third and most of you will finally be able to reunite with the iron once again FINALLY! And what better way to do that than by having a KILLER LEG DAY!

First off we will do 4 sets of Squats 8-15 reps to prime the body for growth. Make sure that you savor the time under tension taking at least 3 seconds down and exploding on the way up.

thousand pound squat

Now it’s time for Leg presses. Load up the machine with 1 plate on each side (50/45 lbs plates). Do 15 – sound easy? Now without resting get another pair of 50s (or 45s) then do another 10-15 reps (obviously the only rest time you will have is getting the plates and then loading them onto the machine). Then after that get another pair – repeat until you cannot do more than 3reps anymore. Remember that you will not stop just because you achieved primary failure – keep in mind that you can also spot yourself upon reaching positive failure by pushing your knees. Only stop when you cannot even lower the weight carefully anymore.

After that do 2 supersets of leg extensions and sissy squats. Strive to do at least 8-10 reps with these. With the sissy squats you must hold onto the bottom (stretched position) for at least 10 seconds every repetition; this will get you that fascia stretch effect.

After those grueling sets its time to slaughter hams. Super set 3 sets of stiff leg deadlifts with lying leg curls. After that you can now burn your calves with 3 sets of calf raises  – make sure that you pause or hold at the bottom part of every rep for a few seconds to deeply stretch the calves.

There you have it! That should fix your layoff induced metal withdrawal for you lift-aholics! Eat your eggs, people!

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