Reach Your Goals This 2015 – A Testosterone-FUELED New Year to Everyone!

Godamn Happy New Year to you all !!! IN ADVANCE!!!!

Brothers, how was your Christmas? Did you enjoy your feast and your Turkeys last Thanksgiving?

I hope you all had a great year! And Dammit! It’s the last of the year already! It seemed as if 2014 just came and go.

Let’s have a FEAST, Shall we not??

real foods how bodybuilders must eat


But in fact a lot has gone on this year. And personally things are looking good this new year. I am looking forward for this year’s new year’s eve, and true it’s better than the one I had last year. I hope the same is true with you guys. 

BUT then again, all of this is not about luck at all. I believe in the ol’ saying about some stuff being under our own control and those that aren’t – if you would examine all the things that go on in your life you would notice that you are in control of roughly 80% of things that go on. You will see it that way if you reflect things honestly and logically (not emotionally).

You see, that is actually the core principle of About Lifting. We believe that you are indeed in control of your physique, whatever genetics you are blessed with. You will be able to improve your fitness and overall health with the use of the greatest tool that God (or Allah, or Yahweh, or THE UNIVERSE, or whatever you want to call that being) gave everyone of you here who are able to browse and read these articles, and that is your INTELECT. 

Free will comes as a package. You are a SENTINENT being. You are created being able to construct your own decisions and with the use of the right tools, almost anything is within your reach.

The tools that we provide are the researches, the programs, and the experiences that I and other readers share here in this website. Whatever your situation is we have some tips and tricks and some studies to back em’ up.

Now the rest is off course not under OUR control, that’s already up to you. 

Sure I worked hard to find out the best way for you to eat or train for your specific goal – but in the end, it will be YOU who will decide and foster the discipline to turn that into a reality. At that point basically my job for you is done. 

Keep in mind that your BRAIN will carry you wherever you want to be. So whatever your goal is this 2015, make sure that your mind and your body are one. Be at peace with yourself and take stuff one at a time and whenever your inner peace is disturbed, just remember to meditate and concentrate on just the “NOW” and put your mind at ease. After that, go forth and conquer the IRON!

BTW, here’s the photo that Carnivore shared recently, Wow even Santa has some physique goals this New year!!

santa macho man


Now per About lifting Tradition, Let’s give some linklove to some Testosterone-fueled articles that will surely make you poisoned with TESTOSTERONE, with a capital T, this new year!

Now without further ado:

Here’s one of the forum topics on Universal Nutrition where we tackel about Intra workout nutrition.

Here’s the latest from Unmaried man

Mangan’s Article is up about Intermittent sleep fast

Apocalypse cometh is one of my favorites, in this article he shows some studies that prove that women need some semen regularly in order to function normaly.So if a certain girl acts weird or crankier than usual, you can bet that she just ain’t getting some action. So if your wife is getting cranky this new year, don’t give her flowers, instead give her some C-Pie!!!! 

Here’s Apocalypse’s new post BTW BE A MAN

Jon Frost – Be Grateful for this post!!


30 Days to X talks about Writting Ebooks, go check it out!! And if you can survive without a phone

Matt Forney’s Fornication, Adultery, and the Bible

Didact’s Reach – Sometimes the bull he wins

Rollo Tomasi – Mutiny

Well Built Style – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Split Squats Instead of Back Squats

Free the animal on Resistant Starch and potatoes

Dr. Mike Eades – Fat or Fiction

Now here’s a Carnivore Classic – Stay that way

Victor Pride – Bum Mentality

Heartiste – Are Badboys The Answer To White Pathological Humanitarianism?

Danager and Play – Make 2015 the best year EVER

By the way, one final advice for you this new year:


You wouldn’t want to start the NOT being with your family, most importantly in the New Year’s Eve. If you are employed, I hope you can fil a leave or something, or whatever it is that you do, make New year’s day a Family day. After all family is the most important thing of all.

Eat your eggs, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, people!!!

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4 thoughts on “Reach Your Goals This 2015 – A Testosterone-FUELED New Year to Everyone!

  1. Happy New Year 2015 to you Ironthumb! Thanks for the link – forgot all about that post. Funny thing is, I was out celebrating with some pals last night and I was the only bachelor in the group. They told me the same thing – stay that way! 🙂 Some things never change.

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