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Good day to you A-Lifters!

I would just like to give you guys an update that we already made a Patreon account.

We hope that we can get support on Patreon so I can basically focus on creating content for you guys. What’s more we created a You tube channel. Please subscribe!

My name is George or otherwise known as “Ironthumb”. I am a Registered Nurse and I created and maintain the website, About I also wrote a very complete book on the subject of Aesthetic conditioning via weight lifting, Real-Talk MUSCLE; which pretty much speaks for itself – its all about “Real Talk’ which is the code that I live by in my content.

For this Author there are only 3 things that make life worth living:

1) God,
2) Family, and

He doesn’t “work out”; he TRAINS – hard and smart, using the most basic principles that seem to simplify the complicated. He knows that every “great” and “expensive” program is just a byproduct of the most important fundamentals of science and conditioning which he knows by heart and he lives to share with you all.

As a Registered Nurse George has used more of what he learned in the field of Medical Science to help Gym Rats such as him achieving results than hospital patients.
George is not a green-thumb and cannot even grow a weed – but he’s an Ironthumb who can help you GROW using Steel, IRON, and GUTS!

Lifting weights has been my hobby and passion for over a decade. I have ravenously tried and tested several methods and have studied the subject of physiological conditioning quite extensively.

But little known fact about me is that I have a 9-5 job. Obviously this helps me relate and create content which fits most of you folks out there who also have a 9-5 gig. But I also have 3 girls (heaven’s greatest gifts) and they need to eat. Considering that all of my content are basically for free (except the book) and family expenses (rent, utilities, etc) the website and content creation is usually put into low priority – I cannot really create much content as I wanted to for my dear readers and followers.

So that is why I decided to create a Patreon page. The subject of Weight Lifting and the science of Bodybuilding is my passion and I want to continue writing more articles and creating more and better videos about it. I hope to do this not only as a “hobby” but as a full time gig. I want to write and create more types of content day in day out for anyone who wants to learn how to change themselves for better thru physical conditioning and exercise and don’t want to waste their time and hard-earned money on fancy “pills” and “shortcuts”. I often times see many fitness enthusiast who are loosing their way and looking into all the wrong directions. This is my Mission and having Patreons will help me fulfill it as a full time career.

What will I use your Money for?

1) More content – Having Patreons will help me earn from creating my work and help more people with their fitness goals in the process. I have already helped some folks out there purely over my writting but I am exploring other means of reaching them out as well. This seems easy but the work is actually quite daunting and time consuming. And with a 9-5 job and other responsibilities – the support will really help me transition from a employee to a full time content creator.

2) Better (and more) Videos – At the time of writing this I am beginning to venture into making Youtube videos. As you can see my vids are quite simple and its not taken from the best device you can find. I would like to use some of your donations to invest in better quality gadget that can make the videos look better.

3) Marketing my work – I will use some of the funds for marketing the brand in form of Ads especially my book, Real Talk Muscle on Amazon Kindle. Doing so if these kick off and start earning enough to support living and expenses I will be able to concentrate on content creation.

4) Daily Living – I am basically on a very tight budget – me and my family – so even a little help goes a long way on supporting me and my work. If I will get enough donations I can worry less about earning money and simply focus on creating badass content for you guys!


If you want to become a Patreon simply hit the link above or this image below. Thanks in advance A-Lifters!!!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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