Oysters for Your Muscles

Oysters are one of the healthiest foods that you can eat. Yes it’s not quite Kosher but it’s perfect for weight lifters and bodybuilders alike. Oysters remind me of the story of one of our close family friends, PJ.

About two decades ago my dad who was the most trusted family physician in our county when he was living – treated one of the guys in the neighborhood suffering from tuberculosis.  For the sake of this post we are going to call this guy PJ. I don’t know how bad it was, but since it’s TB, and it was two decades ago, you can bet that IT WAS BAD. To say the least, everyone expected that PJ was gonna die for sure; he was already so emaciated and already coughing up blood.

So my father just went ahead and prescribed 6 months of medication and advised PJ to move out of town to the province. You know what? PJ went back to town after a year and a half – you wouldn’t recognize him with the amount of lean mass he has gained. He even looked chubby and most of all TUBERCULOSIS-FREE!!.

He said while he was out of town, in the coasts – what he did everyday besides taking his medication was breathing fresh air, doing some manual labor and eating oysters.

If right now you’re saying to yourself “that looks like a damn great bodybuilder lifestyle!” You would be right! And I bet some of you out there would indeed be “under medication”, guys you know what I mean – if that’s the case I hope you are medically supervised.

BTW, how is PJ doing, and is he still alive? I will give you an update later in this post, ok?

But besides that, PJ just literally got away from all those pollution and crappy, artificial foods that he was exposed to on a daily basis. You shouldn’t be surprised that he would recover.

But another thing that he said that had played a vital role in his recovery was the “oysters”. If one can recover easily from an illness using a certain diet, it would make sense to think that the same diet can very well help one’s body recover better from day to day workouts.

Oysters are a dense source of nutrients especially protein. A hundred gram serving of oysters provides around 20 grams of protein and 3 oz of oysters contain 67 mg of zinc – those numbers are astronomical!

And another thing: A 3-ounce serving of cooked Pacific oysters contains 85 milligrams of cholesterol. We all know that cholesterol fuel most of the body’s recuperative processes; whether you are recovering from workouts or from a potentially fatal illness, your body would generally require an ample of cholesterol from real foods (off course unless otherwise indicated indicated depending on your particular case).

Not to mention that oysters could really help with your testosterone levels

But be aware though – make sure that you don’t have a history of allergies with sea foods. Due to oysters’ high tropomyosin content, they will cause severe allergic reactions to some individuals so please practice common sense on this regard. And it would serve you best to immerse your shells in boiled water until they are partially open before consuming them, even if you would eat them raw to kill off some bacteria.

How do I prepare my oysters: My favorite way of eating my oysters is raw, “kilawin”

raw oyster with vinegar

Basically after immersing the oysters in boiling water, I open the shell (I can open them with a spoon – I will soon post a video on how I open oyster shells) put the meat in a basin filled with vinegar and I just put any spice that I can find. I put a lot of chilies (preferably the very hot Bird’s eye chilies) in there and it’s a perfect beer match eaten with buddies. Here’s a very convenient recipe I found online:

Recipe Ingredients:
1 kilo talaba (oysters)
1 bulb onion (chopped)
1 thumb size ginger root (julienned)
1 cup white or sugarcane vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon ground black pepper
1 pc red hot chili (siling labuyo) -chopped

Recipe Cooking Procedure:
Clean and wash oysters then place it on a basin. Pour boiling water into the basin enough to cover the oysters. Allow the shells to partially open before removing from the basin.

Kinilaw Na Talaba Cooking Procedure:
1. Fully opened the oyster shell and get its meat. Place in a bowl.
2. Add onion, ginger, vinegar, ground black pepper, chili and salt to taste. Mix well.
3. Refrigerate for at least an hour.
4. Serve this recipe as an appetizer.

Update on PJ: He is still alive and kicking today. He has a lot of kids and is still a bit chubby. He still considers his life owed to my father – who he has obviously outlived. BTW has anyone of you ever tried the vinegar oysters above? If not let me invite you for some beers and oysters at home! Eat your eggs, AND oysters, people!

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    1. Yes, oyster are good and delicious especially kilawen. It is good to know the benefits of eating oysters. Also, you can eat oyster immediately after opening the shells with boiling water.

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