Let’s get it straight – the term “over-training” is just so stupid. It just so happens that people (including myself) have been so used to referring to it that way because of a lack of better term and it didn’t help that the “great” people who coined it didn’t even spend 5 minutes to think about what is actually happening.

And then again this excuse of a “bodybuilding terminology” was termed “for the lack of a better term” – until now!

Why? Because this self-absorbed writer (yours truly) has just invented a brand new and original term that truly describes phenomenon behind this “overtraining”.


Now all HAIL the Ironthumb!

Enough of that crap – anyways, let us now explain what is really happening when you overtrain.

Over training has been used as a jargon in the fitness industry since God knows when.

Well, actually it was coined during those days when lifters learned that training everyday 3 times a day is just not optimal for muscle growth. Before that people would just lift the whole day and won’t care about recovery at all!

Whenever someone does too much in the gym which results to hampering muscular development – he is said to have reached the “over-trained” state.

Whenever a gym rat under-eats and therefore regresses; he is also said to be in the state of “overtraining”.

branch warren trains chest

Whenever skinny guy who trains too frequently and he stays skinny – what he is doing qualifies as “over training”.

When you think about these scenarios you would not help to think that something makes no sense – NO SENSE AT ALL!

YES the first scenario qualifies as overtraining 100 efffing percent because his training pattern is the problem; but the thing is one could be “over-trained” even if he is not really doing that much!

According to the common and generally understood terms of our industry:

Someone who only trains 3 times a week (contrary to 3 times a day) and even utilizing just enough volume to trigger growth but is ignoring the nutritional side of bodybuilding – Still qualifies for an “overtrained” individual.

So even a perfectly trained lifter can be “overtrained” so to speak – even if he is actually “under-training”!

Now don’t get me wrong – It’s not that I don’t agree that you can be “over-trained” HECK am I not the first to tell you that recovery (from workouts), nutrition and balancing Eustress and Distress are all vital parts of sculpting a kickass body?

But as it is right now, the term “over training” has become so misleading that it defeats its own purpose of existing in our vocabulary because of its ambiguous and careless application.

Think about it this way:

  • *The under-eating guy is not “overtraining” – he is “under-eating”
  • *The guy who trains right, eats well, but only sleeps 1-3 hours per day isn’t “overtraining” – he is “under-sleeping” DUH!

unhealthy crabby patty

eat your damn burger!


But nonetheless these two guys are still said to have reached the “over-trained” state – since they lack progress even if they aren’t overtrained to begin with.

And it is not really confusing  – it’s just plain dumb since a guy who lacks sleep and is doing just a reasonable amount of training is called “overtrained” – so “experts” will tell him to decrease his training volume further instead of telling him to sleep more!

And for the guy who doesn’t eat enough – just fill in and copy paste (here) the last paragraph and replace “sleep” with “eat”, conjugate as needed.

People do this instead of thinking about what these “overtrained” individuals actuallyexperience in common – which is “Under-Recovery”.

The under nourished guy obviously doesn’t give his body enough nutrients to recover from the reasonable workload he gives to himself and neither does the under-rested guy (if such a word exists but bear with me please!).

And definitely the Arnold-wannabe who trains 3 times a day isn’t giving his body enough time to recover either – unless he is a super genetic freak or employs TRT.

THUS: All of these lifters; these so-called “over-trained” men are experiencing under-recovery and not necessarily being over-trained.

Therefore from now on, your good ol’ friends from AboutLifting.com will refer to this experience as UNDER RECOVERY instead of OVER TRAINING. Nuff said! Eat your eggs, and RECOVER, A-Lifters!

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