One Hand Negatives on Chin-ups or Pull-ups – Another PAINFUL Regimen for Your Back

Earlier on we talked about the advantages of doing partial rep pulses on one hand chins. Today I will share with you a recent development – I have also been applying the two up, one down technique for Chins and it’s terrific! If you want to make your back workouts more painful (but more effective) then read on. 

If you want some lats like Draper’s, you need some painful back workouts indeed!

dave drapper huge back
What that means is you basically do chins like what how you normally do but this time you do the negative part of the move with only one hand, or you basically lower your  body with only one hand. 

Do not attempt this technique if you are overweight or if you cannot do even 15 clean, comfortable reps with your chins or pull-ups. Doing so might lead to shoulder pains or even dislocations so we need to be sure that your shoulders are handle your body weight first.

You can apply this to your 50 rep chins/pull-ups but I doubt that you can do 50 two up one downs (25 each arm) your first time around, so you might as well just do this on your last 20 reps where you go up with both arms, then go down with only the left, then go up with two again then go down with the right, etc. You do it alternate left, right, left, right. Besides that you can just do chins for 3 sets of 10-15 then on your last set you do pure one hand negative chins, it’s up to you.

Also note that due to the nature of this regimen that this could be a perfect “no weights” home training regimen for your lats! You can superset this one with one hand push ups.

Remember though that whatever method of applying one hand negative chins you chose, or whether you want to use overhand or underhand grip – the most important thing you need to remember to make this trouble worth your while is to do your negatives two times longer when going down with one hand (wait, that doesn’t sound too good does it?), like to really feel the tension of the one hand negative chins. Has anybody here ever tried this diabolical technique yet? Please share your painful experiences with this technique below as a comment! Eat your eggs, people!

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