Why You Should Try Fighting Obesity Through Wellness-Focused Actions

If you have tried every diet under the sun only to lose a negligible amount of weight —  possibly gaining even more back — then it should come as no surprise that studies show that focusing on personal behaviors is more effective (and safe) for the long-term because being healthy is important on the inside, too. Even if you’re overweight, you can still achieve goals such as improving your endurance and reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Keep in mind that losing weight is harder for some than others due to genetics, muscle to fat ratio, food quality, and overall lifestyle (stress, just had a baby, sedentary job, etc.), so change your way of thinking and try fighting obesity through wellness-focused actions instead of rigid diet plans.   

Address Any Mental Disorders

If you want to ensure the success of your path to a healthier lifestyle, you’ve got to address any mental health issues first. For example, is there a depression or eating disorder issue that’s causing you to overeat, drink too much, and skip working out? At the same time, experts say treating obesity can also treat depression. Talk to a mental health professional if you’re dealing with any issues that might be hindering your success.

Find A Routine You Enjoy

Whether you’re new working out or you’re experiencing burnout, know this: You’ve got to choose a routine you enjoy if you expect to stick with it — and not just during the weight loss period, for life. Many people take up a specific activity because it’s the latest trend, experts rave that you’ll torch hundreds of calories in 20-minutes, etc. While it can be motivating to try something new, if you hate spinning, for example, you’re only apt to quit. Before starting a routine, consider whether or not you have any physical limitations (bad knees, etc.), how much time you’re willing to commit on a daily/weekly basis, whether you prefer group or solo workouts, and what fitness goals you have aside from weight loss.

Create An Inexpensive Home Gym

One of the easiest ways to stay motivated to workout is by setting up an inexpensive home gym. All it takes to get a full-body workout is a few kettlebells in varied weights, resistance bands, and a swiss ball. You may also want to get a yoga mat to protect your knees. Once you start to feel as though these pieces are no longer challenging, up the tension/weight and add equipment like dumbbells and a BOSU Balance Trainer. Prevent boredom by downloading a variety of fitness apps to guide you through the safety and steps of routines of all kinds.

Be Mindful Of Your Diet

Not to be confused with popping pills or trying the latest infomercial fad, diet means well-balanced meals comprised of lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains, and plenty of fruits and veggies. Consider talking to a nutritionist about helping you craft the best routine based on your specific dietary and health needs. Remember, you may fall off the wagon once in awhile so don’t beat yourself up. Most experts agree that following the 80/20 rule (80 percent healthy and balanced, 20 percent indulging — but not going nuts) is a healthy way to stay on track and prevent slip ups.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Studies link sleep deprivation with risk of obesity/weight gain and diabetes. Not to mention, how can you stay motivated to workout if you’re exhausted? On a scientific level, the more sleep-deprived you are, the higher your levels of the stress hormone cortisol — this is bad because it increases your appetite. In short, don’t skimp on your shuteye or you’ll be skimping out on your success.

More than one-third of adults in the United States are struggling with obesity, so just know you’re not alone on this journey. There’s no such thing as a miracle diet or quick-fix — especially for the long-term. Instead of focusing on how you’ll feel achieving your goal weight, do something everyday to make you feel good about yourself in your current state.

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