No Wheels, No Guns – Leg Development is Important for Arm Development

We had a post before and answered the question of why the hell other people’s arms just stop growing – or never responded to training to begin with. In this article what we will focus on is the most interesting item in that list which many tend to ignore:

“You don’t train legs that is why your arms won’t grow”

You probably know the writer, Sloan (from Ironman). In a recent article he talked about his experience with the legendary Tom Platz, the guy with a bulldozer for legs. This happened in a seminar Tom has conducted in the past where Sloan was present.

Tom Platz great biceps

When asked about his arms (of course the guy has impressive guns being a top bodybuilder) and what “special training” he does with them – Tom replied:

“Lots of squats”

He then was asked about his back training, his chest training, and so on.  To each question, he replied that the key to his upper body mass was his lower body training.  Voluminous lower body training.  Out-of-this-world lower body training

Some of you might go “Whoaa,,,does he squat with his arms???”. No dude, he still squats with his legs like normal people. I can understand if you would think that this doesn’t make sense at first but bear with me as we discuss this and, yes! It does make a lot of sense.

If you have read our article about arms not getting bigger, we have explained there that the body will only allow only for a small amount of imbalance. Yes you will still see those “Johnny Bravo” like boys who are big but have sticks for legs but beyond a certain level of imbalance, your upper body will either stop responding to even the most innovative training protocol, OR you will suffer an injury – like what happens with 75% of the cases.

Remember that imbalance = Injury


Legs make the whole body grow:

Another reason that the master wheeler insisted that his leg development is the key to his arms development is that most leg exercises (specially “Squats”) are considered “high CNS-involvement” exercises. If you have read the past article about CNS you should already know that high CNS involvement leads to general anabolic state which means they cause “growth” all over the body in several muscle groups.

For best results you must regularly do exercises like Squats (and other squat variations like front squats, wide stance squats, narrow stance squats, pistol squats etc), Deadlifts (and other deadlift variations like Sumo Deadlifts), Hack squats, Lunges (and other lunges variation like jumping lunges, walking lunges, etc), Cleans, Box jumps, depth jumps, Calf raises (and other variations like Donkey calf raises), and explosion moves such as medicine ball throws.

15 lbs = 1 inch:

We have also discussed before about how adding 10-15 pounds of weight will also add an inch to your arms even if you don’t train them (more so if you train them). And well developed legs can contribute a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! Do you know how heavy the muscles in your legs are?

Don’t forget what you can’t see:

For the same reason you should not forget about your back as well – do you know how heavy all the muscles in your back are?

Imagine having well developed back wings and maximum PSI-inflated set of wheels? Now you’re ready to have the big guns. Think about this statement for a minute:

Can you load a tank’s cannon on a mini-cooper?

Obviously – big guns can only be carried by big wheels. And if you want cannons for arms like Platz, then you better start turning those wheels into Big-ass Tank-tires!

Check out these posts for some bad-ass lower body training regimens. By the way: what is your favorite lower-body exercise? Eat your eggs, people!

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