The No Supplements Zone – Why Beginners Should Not Use Supplements Just Yet

If you are starting out lifting weights and trying to gain muscle using our method, it will have you under the  “NO SUPPLMENETS” zone for your first few months of training or until you have made sizable muscle gains already. This is especially important if you are a naturally skinny guy who won’t gain body fat easily.

Although this statement may not be good for me making a living – since I make some extra buck from affiliate purchases of protein powders; this zero supplement zone is in my experience a very important part of your journey in bodybuilding and is vital if you want to continue making any gains at all in the future.

Have you ever seen those guys in the gym who have all the expensive supplements but even so can’t seem to make any gains at all?

I’ve seen MANY guys like those but I know only handful that have commendable muscular development.

If you are going to take a closer look into their training regimen these are the same people who can afford all those knick knacks but cannot afford to exert extra intensity into their wokouts. Either that or these are they would do the same thing over and over again – same rep schemes, same, tempo, same everything! And then they would spew out words like “you just cannot get big without steroids” but the truth of the matter is that they simply don’t know how to stimulate muscle growth correctly and scientifically in their workouts or are otherwise too lazy to find out how.

That is the reason why I don’t want you to use any “special” artificial supplement before you have made any gains at all or at least have proven to yourself beforehand that you can and will make gains with or without the use of supplements.

Lest you become one of those people who want to get a suntan but continue to sunbathe under the night sky and mistakenly believe that “better” suntan lotions can finally give them that tan that they always wanted.

It is obvious that what they should have done is to think about improving the way they are “sun tanning” first before thinking about the products that can help them achieve the tan. I want you to have the mindset as such that you focus on innovating and using periodization and intensity techniques in your regimen and not focus so much on “supplements”.

no supplemens for now

Supplements work – oh hell they do, especially creatine. That is exactly the reason why you want to get your body used to whole foods for now. You will make gains if you eat enough and eat correctly even without supplements when you are a beginner. That is how I made my gains – I didn’t have any money for supplements as a varsity college scholar – I relied on 4-5 hard boiled eggs for post workout and as  long as I applied and tweaked the intensity levels of my workouts I kept on gaining mass anyways. Furthermore if your body isn’t used to supplements and it made gains, imagine the gains that you will have once you start using supplements as an advanced lifter.

Now I know that with or without these supplements I can still make muscle gains. I have engraved unto myself that supplements no matter how effective they are, are merely tools and the level of progress I will get is still proportional to how I structure my overall training regimen .

Therefore I am not one of those disillusioned people who keep on looking and looking for that one magic formula in a bottle (or in a can) that will give them that 20 pounds of muscle, and I don’t want you to be that person neither.

It takes cunning, sweat, pain and determination to build muscle – you have to experience growth you just cannot BUY it like you cannot buy your next set of deadlifts.

As a beginner, don’t spend a dime on ANY bodybuilding supplement (except for those vitamins and greens that you have been taking or should be taking even when you weren’t lifting yet). Not even protein powders, post workouts, creatine, nothing! Just rely on non-packaged whole foods like eggs, milk, tuna, and so on.  Eggs are perfect post workout and no soy please.

I said this is going to be easier for skinny guys – that is true since you can just eat and eat and eat and eat some more as an ectomorph as long as you are also lifting heavy.  For endomorph types you must make it a point to increase your consumption of green leafy veggies and better yet – vegetable juices! Natural fish oil and virgin coconut oil should also be an integral part of your diet to increase your fat burning. Also make sure that all the foods you eat are “real foods” that means you only eat foods in their natural form (no chicken nuggets hotdogs etc). Avoid fast food at all cost and needless to say drink LOTS and LOTS of water!

Any questions or anything you want to share? Share you thoughts below in the comments section. Eat your eggs, people!

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